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Covid and Your Hypothalamus (Long Haul Covid)

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One thing many people may not know is that your hypothalamus can be seriously affected by Covid-19. This is one of the reasons why you may have debilitating symptoms long after you’ve recovered from the virus.

Early in the pandemic, I joined a Covid survivors social media group to see what lingering symptoms people were describing after they had recovered. Many of the symptoms all suggested that the hypothalamus might be involved. Those symptoms include fatigue, hot flashes, massive hair loss, anxiety, confusion, and memory loss. Even depression, headaches, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

And just as I thought, within a month, researchers in France discovered that the hypothalamus can be affected by the virus.

Therefore, this can cause serious long-term effects. 

They found that the hypothalamus is rich in ACE-2 receptors. These are the same type of receptors in the lungs that Covid-19 attaches to. Covid-19 enters the hypothalamus by the bloodstream. Unlike the rest of the brain, your hypothalamus is not protected by the blood-brain barrier. The virus can also get a hold of your hypothalamus via sensory organs. Four out of five passes through the hypothalamus.

If you recover from Covid-19 and your fever and respiratory symptoms have gotten better, but you’re left with lasting systemic symptoms, you may have Long Haul Covid. Symptoms are extreme thirst, headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, and joint pain. Other symptoms include difficulty falling or staying asleep, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, reflux, nausea, and constipation. Dizziness, tinnitus, rash, itchiness, tremors, dry mouth, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and brain fog can also occur.

Neurologists note that many health care workers with massive exposure to the virus (early in the pandemic) describe dealing with symptoms for 100+ days. Many of the symptoms are neurological in nature, but all are related to hypothalamic damage.

The symptoms of Long Haul Covid include:

  • Insomnia or frequent awakenings
  • Inability to concentrate and think clearly
  • Easily tired, despite normal lung function
  • Change in appetite
  • Temperature imbalance
  • Lymphadenopathy, ie: swollen glands 

* Dysautonomia means your autonomic nervous system is not working properly. Your autonomic nervous system is an unconscious control system that manages bodily functions. Functions such as heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, sexual arousal, and fight-or-flight response.

Your hypothalamus acts as a coordinator of the autonomic nervous system. This includes both the excitatory sympathetic nervous system and the calming parasympathetic nervous system.

Autonomic symptoms in Long Haul Covid include:

  • Tachycardia, or high-speed heart rate with mild exercise or even just standing
  • Night sweats
  • Gastroparesis, where delayed stomach emptying can lead to GERD, indigestion, and malabsorption
  • Constipation
  • Peripheral vasoconstriction, which can cause high blood pressure 

Above all, if you’ve had Covid and are still suffering from symptoms, you need to support your hypothalamus to fully recover. 

Thankfully, only two of my patients have had Covid. This was early on in the pandemic. And, even though both are in their mid-60s with two or more diseases, they have done very well. They haven’t had to deal with lasting symptoms. I believe the reason for this is because they’ve been supporting their hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®. And, I believe that the low Covid infection rate we’re seeing in our patients and customers is because they are supporting their hypothalamus. Your hypothalamus controls your immune response, and a stronger immune system helps protect you. 

If you want to learn more about what your hypothalamus does and how to heal it naturally, please join my free Hormone Reboot Training. 

In conclusion, there is no doubt that we are going to see long-term consequences from this pandemic. Long Haul Covid appears to mimic myalgic encephalopathy and chronic fatigue syndrome. With so many infected, the disability and long-term health care needs will be vast. When you support your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®, you are really protecting yourself from the risk of getting Long Haul Covid. 

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