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My daughter takes Genesis Gold® for vitiligo. It works well and her spots have reduced by 75% which is excellent improvement, but being a 16-year-old, she skips days. I truly feel if my daughter took the appropriate dose continuously she would already be 100% healed. I truly believe in your product. It is the only supplement that has helped heal my daughter’s vitiligo.
Mercedes P.

Frisco, TX

Autoimmunity Explained

Autoimmunity means your immune system is attacking you – usually a specific body part or system. There are over a hundred different autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, vitiligo, alopecia, schleroderma, thyroiditis, celiac disease…and many more. Your hypothalamus controls your immune system by regulating your thymus -a small endocrine gland located in your chest that programs your white blood cells to know the difference between you and other. Your white blood cells are triggered by antibodies to attack viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites even cancer cells. When your white blood cells aren’t programmed properly by your thymus, they attack normal cells, tissues, even whole organ systems which is called autoimmunity.


Carla* had rheumatoid arthritis. She had been treated for years with conventional immune suppressants but the side effects of the drugs were causing more problems. With her white blood cells wiped out by the drugs, she was chronically sick. And she had debilitating back pain from steroid induced osteoporosis.

*Name changed to protect the patient’s privacy.


Carla wanted to try and treat her autoimmune condition naturally and get off the pain killers, steroids, and immune suppressants. She ultimately wanted to improve the immune coordination within her body in order to establish immune tolerance so as to not have significant collateral tissue damage.


Carla was committed to the long process of balancing her over active immune system. Within 12 months, she was able to wean off her medications. She no longer suffered from opiate induced constipation. As she gained her energy back, she was able to exercise which significantly helped her joint pain and helped heal her vertebral fractures. With a healthier immune system, she was no longer vulnerable to colds and flus.


So how did Carla get her immune system functioning normally so it protected not attacked her? Carla supported her hypothalamus which in turn helped reprogram and balance her immune system with Genesis Gold®.

The hypothalamic amino acid blend in Genesis Gold® is designed to support optimal function of your hypothalamus. Since your hypothalamus is the master controller of your immune system, it makes sense to give it what it needs to improve the programming of your white blood cells so they know the difference between you and other.

Results Data

Since 2003, dozens of people with different autoimmune conditions have noticed improvement with Genesis Gold®. Some respond in as little as two months, while most take six to twelve months to lower autoimmune antibodies. Adding Sacred Seven® amino acids to Genesis Gold® can help hasten the proper programming of the immune system.

Addressing the different triggers for each autoimmune disorder is key to reversing the condition. A qualified health care provider can help you uncover the cause of your autoimmune disorder.

Product Used

Genesis Gold® helps balance the immune system. Could it work for you?

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