Rediscovering the Hypothalamus

Alex is hiding behind his mother. She’s driven over a hundred miles to have me evaluate and hopefully treat her son. She’s one of many parents who have come from all across the state to see me. Mostly they come from the Central Valley bringing children of all ages for...

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Feel your Emotions, Heal your Hormones

Emotions are directly influenced by hormones. Every woman knows this. As her hormones shift throughout her menstrual cycles so do her emotions. And more so when she’s pregnant or going through the change of life. Estrogen is your joy hormone. Estrogen fuels your...

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Educate not Medicate | Beginnings

We all have a story, why we do what we do… “Daddy, please, don't.” My father is stroking my arm. In any other context it would be fine. We are a touchy-feely kind of family. Yet at this moment, I am in labor with my first child, my senses heightened and every little...

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