Your hypothalamus is the boss of your entire body. It’s your hypothalamus that controls your hormones, your immune system, and your neurotransmitters. It controls your weight setpoint, your metabolism, your temperature, your fertility. It controls your sleep cycles, your stress response, your memory, your moods. Just in the last few years, research has emerged providing evidence that your hypothalamus is at the root of many diseases. So, doesn’t it make sense to support your hypothalamus to treat the root cause of your imbalances? Genesis Gold was created to support your hypothalamus so that it can function at its optimal level, balancing your hormones, regulating your immune system, and keeping your neuro-chemistry in balance.

Educate not Medicate | Beginnings

We all have a story, why we do what we do… “Daddy, please, don't.” My father is stroking my arm. In any other context it would be fine. We are a touchy-feely kind of family. Yet at this moment, I am in labor with my first child, my senses heightened and every little...

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Hormone Partners – Cortisol and DHEA

Ok, what about those hormone partners? Well, Cortisol has a partner too. It’s DHEA. DHEA follows cortisol like a puppy. If your cortisol is high, then your DHEA is too. If your cortisol bottoms out, then so does your DHEA. DHEA is also produced by your adrenal glands....

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What is a Hormonal Migraine?

If you are wondering what causes your hormonal headaches and how to treat it naturally, then read on. In this article, I will show you exactly what you need to deal with your hormonal headaches and how to treat them naturally. Let's begin. So, first off, let us talk...

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Detoxifying Hormones

If you want to know how your liver detoxification affects your hormones, then I wrote this for you. Welcome back to my blog. Today I am discussing how your liver detoxifies your hormones and how that affects your hormonal health. It is a super important topic and,...

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