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Genesis Gold® is really working good for me right now. I have more energy, better concentration, dreams are coming back, [and I’m] overall feeling better. I have a thyroid problem and also had a hysterectomy at 41, so this is really helping my hormones a lot. Thank you so much!
Kathy A.

Santa Barbara, CA

Hypothyroidism Explained

Your thyroid controls your metabolism or half fast you burn energy. Hypothyroidism is when you don’t make enough thyroid hormone. You have low energy, especially tired when you sit still. Your skin is dry. You tend to gain weight and loss hair especially the outer edge of your eyebrows. Since everything slows down, you may constipated. Without adequate thyroid hormone, your brain doesn’t function well leading to poor memory, difficulty learning, and depression. Hypothyroidism is diagnosed when your thyroid stimulating hormone – (TSH) is high, meaning your thyroid hormones – T4 and T3 – are low. Overtime taking thyroid hormone replacement shuts off your normal thyroid hormone production- if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.
Causes of Hypothyroidism


Paula* had been taking synthetic thyroid hormone replacement for years. She had felt tired and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. While initially she felt better, she never regained her normal energy level, couldn’t lose weight, and her hair was thinning.

*Name changed to protect the patient’s privacy.


Paula wanted to be able to work all day and have enough energy left to take care of her family. She wondered if her thyroid could heal and start making her own thyroid hormones.


Within a couple of months of supporting her hypothalamus, Paula noticed she had more energy. And her blood work showed, she needed less thyroid replacement. Over eight months, she slowly weaned down off her medication as her own thyroid started producing enough T4 and T3. Paula had enough energy to work all day, then go home and fix dinner, help her kids with their homework and play games. Her hair got thicker and since she had enough energy to exercise, she lost weight.


So how did Paula get her thyroid functioning normally? By improving her hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid communication and increasing thyroid hormone uptake by her cells with Genesis Gold®. Typical of most hypothyroidism patients on synthetic thyroid replacement, Paula’s blood work showed suppressed TSH and low levels of T4 and T3. The hypothalamic amino acid blend in Genesis Gold® is designed to support optimal communication between your thyroid and your hypothalamus. The super greens food blend in Genesis Gold® helps support thyroid function and enhance cellular receptor activity so more thyroid hormone can get in.

Are you ready to help your thyroid function optimally?

Results Data

Since 2003, hundreds of people with thyroid disorders have noticed improvement with Genesis Gold®. Most notice improved energy within the first month. By the third month, their thyroid hormone replacement may need to be lowered. It’s best to follow blood work. If autoimmune thyroiditis is inducing hypothyroidism, adding Sacred Seven® amino acids to Genesis Gold® can help hasten the healing.

Product Used

Genesis Gold® helps balance the thyroid. Could it work for you?

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