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Thyroid Health

I use Deborah’s Genesis Gold and it has helped my low thyroid, twice! Once originally and stayed on for years then let it lapse and thyroid numbers started heading wrong direction again, until I restarted GG.

Thank you for creating it!

Megan Ayrault

It’s really played an integral role in helping me get back to place of feeling really good and really balanced.

Adam P.

Venice, CA

Type-1 Diabetes

I have been using Genesis Gold® for a couple of years, and being a Type 1 Diabetic, it has made a difference in lowering my blood sugar levels, while helping me maintain overall health. I highly recommend this product.

Erin W.

Carpinteria, CA

Sense of Well Being

Deborah is truly one of the most loving, caring, professional and intuitive practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of trusting my health with. I have always been a worrier and Deborah has a way of putting me at ease and immediately being able to assess the root of any mind/body/spirit blockage quickly and effectively. I am so deeply grateful for her and would highly recommend her to any sensitive woman who wants to live a balanced, peaceful and healthy life!

Kimberly S.

Carpinteria, CA

General Health

I take Genesis Gold daily and it helps me stay healthy and fit!

Nancy Mitchell

Camarillo, CA

This product is absolutely amazing! I have tried everything and have spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to feel better. Genesis Gold® is a God send and I can feel that I am becoming stronger everyday, thank you!

Lisa W.

Calabasas, CA

Hypothalamus and Menopause

Genesis Gold® has been a game changer for me. I’m in the healing arts and live a pretty healthy lifestyle. Once I started going through menopause, I knew I needed more to support my hypothalamus. With Genesis Gold®, no more puffiness and weight gain, no more hot flashes. I feel juicy and vibrant with the simple routine of drinking Genesis Gold® every morning. With Genesis Gold® Im now the most awesome version of myself. Thank you for creating Genesis Gold®!
Wendy B.

Chicago, IL

Low Energy and Trouble Sleeping

Genesis Gold® has really helped increase my energy levels, vitality and I’ve had loads of energy after using it for a month.

Christina Rivera


I’ve been taking Genesis Gold® for a little over 60 days now and I’m starting to experience some measurable improvements… I am definitely sleeping better and more deeply through the night and waking up more refreshed. I also have noticeably more energy throughout the day and after just a couple weeks, I no longer felt like I need the afternoon sugar boost. In fact, I’ve done the calculations and NOT buying the daily candy bar and energy drink more than covers the cost of my Genesis Gold®. Honestly I’m pretty surprised how quickly I’m already starting to feel better.

Andy T.

Jonesville, MI

Harmonizing the Whole Body

I really love your product. I believe it’s a game changer for your health! It’s the first thing in my body every day. I feel it harmonizes all the systems in your body. Thank you so much for this gift!

Kate T.

Laguna Beach, CA

Your Genesis Gold® product has changed my life and I want to thank you. After a week, I started losing weight and inflammation and I felt better! I was really not expecting such a rapid change. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I suppose my body isn’t that unhealthy as it bounces back quickly with the right help!

Tanya M.

Healing From Knee Surgery

I am healing from my second knee surgery incredibly well. I am basically a healthy person but I know that your Genesis Gold® plays a significant role in my recovery. Thanks again.
Katherine R.

Hollywood, CA

Asthma, Anxiety, and Chronic Fatigue

You have a very happy family over here. Three former chronic sufferers of asthma, anxiety and chronic fatigue are now living healthy, happy lives! From exercise-induced asthma to playing tennis every day! From 20 years of chronic fatigue syndrome to playing tennis three times a week. We’re so happy that you made Genesis Gold®! Deborah is brilliant. Her knowledge of the human body amazes me. And with her knowledge and compassion, she has helped me so much with chronic fatigue syndrome. God bless her! Many, many thanks!

Lisa A.

Ojai, CA

Thyroid and Hysterectomy

Genesis Gold® is really working good for me right now. I have more energy, better concentration, dreams are coming back, overall feeling better. I have a thyroid problem and also had a total hysterectomy at 41 so this is really helping my hormones a lot. Thank you so much!

Kathy A.

Santa Barbara, CA

Thyroid and Heart Health

I am a 64 year old man born with a heart condition that has been difficult to control the past 14 years. As you know, my thyroid was severely affected by the use of Amiodorone to control my HCM (hypertrophic cardio myopathy) and subsequent atrial fibrillation. The endocrinologist took a wait and see attitude regarding getting my thyroid to normal levels. There wasn’t much he could do for me. With your guidance and his careful eye on my progress, he was amazed at the rapid recovery once my condition was diagnosed. In October of 06, my cardiologist installed a pace maker. With the regimen you assigned that included the use of both Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven®, my numbers from recent blood work are in perfect order. I take both each day and am convinced that the added use of these supplements contributes to my well being and without doubt straightened out my thyroid problem. Thank you for always being there to support me. The combination of exercise and nutrition is the key to good health and, along with the extra support I get from your products, I lead a full and healthy life.
Jim G.

Santa Barbara, CA

Faster Healing After Surgery

I have been taking Genesis Gold® for about eight years. I started taking it before have major back surgery. I was told I would be in the hospital for at least two weeks. I was out in 3 1/2 days. The neurosurgeon could not believe it. I truly attribute that to Genesis Gold®. There is no other reason.
Melanie B.

Irvine, CA

Mood and Energy Levels

I’ve been taking Genesis Gold® for 1 year and a half and I’ve really noticed it helped me with my general mood and energy levels. It makes me feel like I’m ready for the day! I’ve also noticed it’s very simple to add to my daily routine, I can wake up and it’s a simple way to start my digestion. It helps my body talk to me, like if I need more Genesis Gold® on a stressful test day. I take an extra 1/2 scoop and notice that it will help me throughout the day. I would recommend Genesis Gold® to everyone because it tastes great, it’s one easy step first thing in the morning, and it’s made a really big difference in my life just in one year!

Kayte F.

Hickory Corners, MI

Energy Level and Weight Loss

Having taken Genesis Gold® consistently for the past 2 years, I have experienced major improvements in my overall health. My energy level is higher which has enabled me to get on an exercise program. This has allowed me to have great success with weight loss. My hormones are balanced, my blood work, attitude, appearance all reflect these changes. These improvements have made me a happier and healthier person. I have surpassed personal goals that I only dreamed of reaching. I feel a sense of contentment and a peace of mind that I never want to lose. Genesis Gold®, under the care and direction of Deborah, have brought me so far, I cannot imagine being without either of them.
Toni Y.

Ventura, CA

Anxiety Attacks and Dizziness

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for creating your products. I ordered GenesisGold® and Sacred Seven® about a month ago and have been able to deal with hot weather and hot workout room conditions without any anxiety attacks and dizziness, since I started last month. We’ve also had high 80s and 91 degrees in SF for the past few days and I have felt fine all day! No hot dry flashes at night, except maybe mild ones but only twice a while ago. Love what the herbs and aminos are doing for my body, thank you!
Arlene K.

San Francisco, CA


Thank you very much. Jared and Nathan are very close already! Jared always wants to hold him, and if he cries he must check on him. We will see you soon. Also, please send more Genesis Gold®. My family calls you – the Fertility Goddess! Says that if it wasn’t for you and Genesis Gold® they know Nathan would not be here and they all say thank you! So thanks again for your help if it wasn’t for you we would not have these two beautiful children! Words cannot express how grateful we are!

Christina E.

Port Hueneme, CA

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