Understand the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

in The Hypothalamus Handbook

Learn how to heal hypothalamic dysfunction (and why it matters) in this comprehensive guide to optimal health & wellness

Understand the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

in The Hypothalamus Handbook

Learn how to heal hypothalamic dysfunction (and why it matters) in this comprehensive guide to optimal health & wellness

The Hypothalamus Handbook: What it is & Why it matters

Tired of spending your days in a constant state of fatigue, brain fog, and overwhelm? Sick of listing your myriad symptoms to doctors who don’t understand? Feeling ‘done’ with endless chronic health problems and hormone dysfunction?

It’s time to address the root cause of all this. It’s time to heal your hypothalamus… and, well, learn what the hypothalamus is and why it matters!

The Hypothalamus Handbook is a comprehensive guide designed to help you understand your body and what it needs, including – 

  • Why hypothalamic dysfunction affects your brain, your immune system, your hormones, AND MORE!
  • How to heal from PCOS, infertility, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal problems, autoimmune disorders, and hormonal imbalance
  • What optimal hypothalamic functioning can do for weight management and gut health (before, during, and after menopause!)
  • How to address addiction and even learning disorders
  • The best diet & exercise to support your hypothalamus (from now until forever!)

Learn how to take charge of your health and create optimal results when you understand the function of the hypothalamus: The most important (and most overlooked) part of your brain.

“Deborah is truly one of the most loving, caring, professional, and intuitive practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of trusting my health with. She has a way of putting you at ease and immediately being able to assess the root of any mind/body/spirit blockage quickly and effectively. I am so deeply grateful for her and would highly recommend her to any sensitive person who wants to live a balanced, peaceful, and healthy life!”

“The Hypothalamus Handbook effectively addresses multiple audiences on a variety of levels with a very complex topic.

Thanks to menopause and post-covid brain fog, it’s often challenging for me to parse complicated or multi-faceted concepts. When I set out to understand the hypothalamus, I quickly became overwhelmed at the complexity of explanations.

But Deborah has artfully combined the most technical aspects of the hypothalamus with more fluid explanations for how it really works and how it makes you think and feel. She takes it a step further and illustrates the concepts through patient case studies that represent health challenges faced by people from different age groups and with a variety of medical conditions.

This book does not disappoint! It’s all there: Ideas for diet, exercise, supplementation, mindset work, and more! And it’s based on up-to-the-minute science.” – Gina Keesling

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This is NOT an ordinary one-and-done handbook.

I want you to have all the resources you need to take what you learn inside this book and heal your body for optimal health.

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“What To Expect” PDF

This is my list of what you can (and should) expect at a physical examination by your healthcare provider

“Recommended Blood Work” PDF

This is a list of the blood work I recommend to help diagnose hypothalamic dysfunction (for BOTH men & women)

3 Proven & Effective Nutritional Plans

These include my DMAR Nutritional Path to Wellness, my Liver Cleanse Diet, and my Insulin Resistance Diet

CALM Meditation

This audio-meditation is designed to help you embrace healing and thrive

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About The Author

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP has more than 30 years of experience blending the Art of Healing with the Science of Medicine. As an integrative health practitioner, she specializes in neuro-immuno-endocrine healing.

The author of 5 books, she’s helped thousands of people uncover the root cause of their health problems and finally tap into their innate ability to heal.

Learn more here. 

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