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Are you having premenopause symptoms?

Getting to the root of disease is crucial to helping my patients thrive. On the surface, the roots are biochemical. However, when we dive deeper, psychological roots can also be uncovered. But the core issues are often spiritual. That’s why I created an integrated healthcare practice where I guide my patients to reach their greatest potential by creating Joyous Transformations—body, mind, and soul.

I decided early on in my medical training that I wanted to move away from seeing disease through the eyes of pathophysiology, and instead, chose to learn through the eyes of optimal wellness.

As an Intuitive Integrative Nurse Practitioner, I bridge together the science of medicine with the art of healing. For the past 30 years, I’ve focused exclusively on neuro-immune-endocrinology. I truly believe disease is the reflection of how the soul speaks symbolically through the body. Through my extensive research and client work, I’ve discovered the root cause of disease is the hypothalamus – a small part of the brain that’s responsible for orchestrating the body’s symphony of hormones.

I believe healing is innate. If given the right ingredients, the body can heal itself.

Deborah Maragopoulos


Known as the Hormone Queen®, I’ve made it my mission to help everyone—no matter their age—balance their hormones, and live the energy and joy their DNA and true destiny desires. May Your Hormones Be In Harmony, –Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

Professional Background

Deborah graduated from UCLA with a Masters in Nursing then went on to study nutritional science, functional medicine, quantum physics, genetics, neuro-immune-endocrinology, and metaphysical healing.

After working in a variety of traditional clinical settings for 10 years, she opened a solo private practice where she specializes in natural therapies. Through her extensive clinical research and two decades of collecting empirical data, Deborah developed a unique holistic health care model that blends naturopathic and allopathic therapies.

She also created a successful nutraceutical product called Genesis Gold®. This groundbreaking, holistic nutritional supplement, combined with her knowledge of natural healing therapies, has garnered Deborah widespread acclaim.

Deborah is the Founder of Full Circle Family Health, Genesis Health Products, Inc and Divine Daughters Unite. She serves as clinical endocrine advisor to Genova Laboratory and Sansum Medical Clinic, and she is also the past president of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Author of the book, Hormones in Harmony®, and much-sought-after speaker, Deborah has given presentations at numerous professional and public events. Her list of speaking credits includes, the California Women’s Expo, the Southern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, Samuel Merritt College, and the American College of Nurse Practitioners.

Curriculum Vitae

Entrepreneurial Experience

Founder of Full Circle Family Health: a nurse practitioner managed primary health care facility providing the full range of services common to a family practice with the emphasis on maintaining wellness. Since 1997

Founder of Genesis Health Products Inc: a corporation dedicated to the research, development and distribution of nutraceutical line to optimize genetic potential. Since 2003

Founder of Divine Daughters Unite: a non profit designed to empower young women through compassionate service benefiting young women in second and third world countries. Since 2007

Clinical Experience

1997 – Present, Family Nurse Practitioner

Provides complete health care for the entire family through bio-psycho-spiritual assessment with focus on the interface of the biochemistry of the neuro-immune-endocrine system, assimilation and detoxification pathways, the hypothalamic orchestration of the genetic encodement and how anatomical structure, social environment, and psycho-spiritual belief systems affect health. Specializing in natural healing therapies, bio-identical hormones, nutraceutical treatments, bio-energetics, lifestyle and spiritual counseling.

1990 – 1996, Family Nurse Practitioner

Provided primary care for female patients in a physician owned private practice including high-risk obstetrics, full range contraception, and infertility. Expertise in hormonal transitions, nutritional therapies and lifestyle counseling.

1987 – 1990, Family Nurse Practitioner

Provided primary care in an urgent care clinic including chronic and acute illnesses, trauma care and occupational health. Solely responsible for establishing a “family practice” in the urgent care setting.


Master’s of Nursing, June 1987, University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor’s of Science, June 1983, University of California, Los Angeles

Associate of Science, June 1981, College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA

Post-graduate studies in neuro-immune-endocrinology, genetics, quantum physics, bio-energetics, nutrition, herbal medicine, and functional medicine; 1990-2004

Professional Associations and Certifications

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, ANCC since 1988

Certified colposcopist since 1995

Member of the American College of Nurse Practitioners since 1994

Member of California Association of Nurse Practitioners since 1987

President of the California Coalition of Nurse Practitioners; 1999 – 2001

President-elect of the California Coalition of Nurse Practitioners; 1996 – 1998

Member of the American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, since 1995

Public Affairs Director of the California Coalition of Nurse Practitioners; 1994 – 1996

Regional Representative to the California Coalition of Nurse Practitioners; 1994 – 1996

President of Region 11, California Coalition of Nurse Practitioners; 1990 – 1994

Member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing; 1983

Awards/Community Services

Advisor for Parental Wisdom; 2008

Hormonally Challenged Column, Seattle Post Intelligencer; 2008

Therapeutic Nutrition Advisor, Intemedica; 2007

Community Health Consultant; Ventura County; 2004 – 2006

Neuro-Immune-Endocrine Advisor, Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs; 2000 – 2003

Clinical Endocrine Advisor for cancer research, Sansum Clinic; 1999 – 2000

Volunteer for theater arts, Nordhoff High School; 1998 – 2000

Jr. Lifeguard and lifeguard educator; 1997 – 1998

Ojai Community Theater; 1994 – 1997

Volunteer Guest Speaker at Santa Paula and Buena Ventura High Schools; 1992 – 2000

Preceptor for UCLA Post-Graduate Nurse Practitioner Program; 1994 – 1996

Parent of the Year Award, Oak View City Council; 1995

Coordinator of Project Self—Esteem, Oak View Elementary School; 1993 – 1996

CampNurse for the Boy Scouts of America, Ventura County; 1994 – 1995

Public Education Coordinator, American Heart Association, Ventura County; 1992 – 1994


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Women’s Hormonal Harmony – Ojai Wellness Center, 5-12

The Secret to Optimal Health – Ojai Wellness Center, 4-12

It’s not a Hot Flash; It’s a Power Surge – Ventura County Women’s Expo, 3-09

Survival for the Hormonally Challenged Woman – Full-Life-Solutions, 2-09

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Lovedance®: Lessons Learned As Spirit On A Human Journey, 11-2016

Hormones in Harmony®: Heal Your Hypothalamus for Optimal Health, Graceful Aging and Joyous Energy, Best Seller Publisher, 2016

Survival Guide for the Hormonally Challenged Woman, Dolce Vita Publishing, 2009

Joyous Transformation: The Awakening of Me, Dolce Vita Publishing, 2009

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“NP’s and PA’s in the Same Boat”, Clinician Review, periodical, May ,1998

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Nutraceutical research and development since 1999; Genesis Health Products Inc resulting in the manufacture of Sacred Seven™; 2001 and Genesis Gold®; 2003

Effects of amino acids on hypothalamic regulation, present

Effects of nutraceutical supplementation on endocrine function, present

Effects of nutraceutical supplementation on immune function, present

Effects of nutraceutical supplementation on neurological function, present

Effects of bio-identical progesterone on gynecological estrogen dominance; present

Effects of red yeast rice on hypercholesteremia; present

Effects of essential fatty acids in combination with proteolytic enzymes on acute and chronic musculo-skeletal inflammation; present

Effects of dyscircadian prolactinemia on cellular receptor site activity; present

Effects of amino acid combinations on hypothalamic functioning; 2000

Effects of essential fatty acids on lipid profile; present

Research and development of botanical bio-identical hormonal delivery systems; New Hope Research and Development Inc; 1999 – 2004

Effects of imiquimod on HPV related cervical pathology; 1999 – 2003

Apoptotic effects of bio-identical progesterone in cancer patients; 1999 – 2000

Effects of levonorgestral implant contraception; 1992 – 2000

In the Media

Helping the Hormonally Challenged

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP Being a woman entering the thrills of the perimenopausal rollercoaster does not make me an expert. It does make me genuinely empathetic with the Hormonally Challenged.

Being a neuro-immune-endocrine specialist for over twenty years…well, that contributes to my expertise regarding hormones.

Yet as I receive more and more Hormonally Challenged patients into my holistic health care practice, my expertise becomes more and more refined. Like good wine, it takes years to reach the peak flavor of healing.

In 1997, I left conventional medicine and established Full Circle Family Health – my integrative health clinic and through the past two decades of collecting empirical data, I developed a unique holistic health care model that focuses on assessing and treating the root of my patients’ health issues.

My specialty of natural hormones grew to encompass the gamut of endocrine disorders—diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal deficiency, growth hormone deficiency, low metabolism, insomnia, fatigue, infertility, andropause, PMS, and anti-aging therapeutics. Still the majority of my patients were women going through the change of life.

One day I got a call from a local gynecological surgeon. “Deborah, I’m sending you all my weird hormone patients.”

I thanked him and asked what was so “weird” about them.

“Well, in medical school,” he answered, “you learn that A leads to B and occasionally C, but I get to Z and still can’t figure out these weird hormone cases.”

“That’s because, Dr G,” I explained, “endocrinology is not an exact science. It’s an art.”

“I’m a surgeon,” he sighed, “you’re the artist, you can take care of them.”

That’s when I came up with the term – Hormonally Challenged. Health care providers are as challenged by hormonal issues as their patients.

My Hormone Story

Perimenopause lasted ten years for me! Periods all over the place. Night sweats. I couldn’t remember why I walked in a room. My brain was just not as sharp as I needed it to be to take care of my family and my patients. The options were overwhelming and yet limited. I knew this from working with hormonally challenged patients since 1987. I didn’t want to take handfuls of supplements to chase my every symptom down, followed by more side effects. I didn’t want to be constantly adjusting my hormone replacement therapy trying to prevent constant bleeding and painful breasts. I wanted a simple solution for me and my patients. A natural solution that would stop chasing symptoms and actually address the root cause of hormonal swings, and I found it. Or rather, I created it. Because frankly before 2003, it didn’t exist. I was tired of giving my patients bandaid therapies. I discovered that if I supported their hypothalamus, they could transition gracefully through the change of life. In fact, through all their hormonal challenges. Isn’t that exactly what you’ve been searching for?

Blending Science and Intuition

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP Although conscious of being able to perceive things beyond my senses, I suppressed my gifts and pursued a scientific education to justify my “knowing.” Yet with the birth of my first baby, I could no longer deny my intuition. Shortly after graduating from UCLA Nursing School, I gave birth to an intersex baby. Born Hormonally Challenged, my newborn stumped medical experts who advised a course of treatment that didn’t feel right. It was 1984 and my young husband and I were told to choose a gender for our child. In spite of the baby’s male chromosomes we were told, it was “easier to make a hole than a pole” and to raise our child as a girl. So I followed my intuition and said “No, we’re not cutting anything off and we’ll let them choose their gender identity.” I then went back to get my graduate degree, become a family nurse practitioner and studied everything I could on how hormones affect our bodies, our brains, our development, our personalities. All so I could save my child from the medical system. When my child was later diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, I sought natural means to help him. And the universe gave me lots of opportunity to practice. Parents came from near and far with their developmentally delayed children to seek my care. Intuitively, I felt that these children’s brains needed nourishment. Their parents willingly mixed the “brew” I prescribed because it worked, but they begged me to formulate a nutritional supplement to make it easier. So I began intense research to find what I could feed the hypothalamus and harmonize the symphony of hormones, so the dance of the DNA can express health and vitality. I believe healing is innate. If given the right ingredients, the body can heal itself. Searching for a nutritional support between genetics and the biochemical messengers of the neuro-immune-endocrine system, I was stymied until my child suggested I ask to be shown what to make. The answer came in a dream.

How Genesis Gold Came to Be

I was standing before the Tree of Life, holding a golden chalice. My most Hormonally Challenged patients came to drink from the chalice and were healed. I awoke asking what was in the cup. The first answer came as seven Aramaic letters! Amazingly they translated into the same single letter denotations used for the seven amino acids I had been studying related to the hypothalamus.

For three months, I dreamt the same dream, awakening every morning with more ingredients for a special formula—nutritionally dense super foods to provide foundational support, herbs to support individual endocrine glands, the immune system and the brain, botanicals to enhance digestion and detoxification, and special amino acids to balance the hypothalamus— everything the body needs to optimize genetic potential.

My efforts to help my child became my life path. I’ve done a lot of clinical research in the areas of neuro-immnune-endocrinology, nutrition, metaphysical healing, functional medicine and genetics.

Because I could not find a natural way to heal my patients’ hypothalamus to balance their hormones and optimize their health – body, mind, and soul – I created Genesis Gold® – an all natural nutraceutical designed to support the hypothalamus, balance hormones, and optimize genetic potential. Thanks to the children, I discovered a means to heal all of us – body, mind, and soul.

This is how Genesis Gold® came through me to you.

Since 2003, Genesis Gold® has helped thousands of people balance their hormones and get their lives back. I am a firm believer in empowering women through education and holistic health care so 13% of profits from the sales of Genesis Gold® supports non profit Divine Daughters Unite. Your purchase helps other women heal themselves, their families and their communities.

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