Frequently Asked Questions

How To Take

How to take Genesis Gold®

Suggested Use:

One 12 gram scoop of powder

4 grams per fifty pounds of body weight

Take in the morning in 2-4 oz (100-200ml) of water on an empty stomach.

Shake it rather than stir for better dispersion of powder in liquid.

Dose is 1/3 scoop (4mg) per fifty pounds of body weight. The enclosed 18cc scoop holds 12gm of powder enough for a 150 pound person.

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How does Genesis Gold® work?

Genesis Gold® provides the body with the necessary phytonutrients often missing in our diets to prevent disease. Genesis Gold® helps balance the master controller of your hormones – your hypothalamus. That in turn helps balance your sex hormones, adrenals, thyroid, as well as immune system and brain chemistry. I formulated Genesis Gold® to provide phytonutrients to support digestion and detoxification as well as enhance your cells receptor site sensitivity for its hormones and other biochemical messengers so it really helps insulin resistance.

Do you have to take Genesis Gold® all the time?

No, of course not, but I will. Why? Because I want to feel this great all the time. I always want this level of energy – enough to get everything I need to get done and do everything I love to do. I always want to sleep deeply, to dream, to remember my dreams. I want optimal health.

And I don’t want to take drugs. I don’t want to just treat symptoms. I always want my body to talk to me. To tell me what it needs.

I know how to eat for my body but I’m not going to follow a strict diet to be healthy. I don’t have to with Genesis Gold®. I can have dessert or wine or cheese and I don’t have to pay for it…

My body detoxes perfectly with the help of Genesis Gold®. My metabolism hums along at a youthful pace so I don’t have to wear those extra calories I consumed. Plus, I have lots of energy to stay active. You won’t find me sitting around. Being sedentary is one of the biggest factors in all disease and leads to early death. I want to be this active and healthy and vital when my grandkids have children of their own!

Last Christmas, I went to Nicaragua on a medical relief trip. I spent the week traveling through rough mountain roads to help the destitute, jumping in and out of the back of a pickup truck to deliver food baskets, fit children with shoes, and provide needed medical care. I’m 55 and the teenagers who were helping couldn’t keep up with me! They thought I was in my thirties! Bless them!

So will I ever stop taking Genesis Gold®? Probably not. Oh, I’ll take breaks twice a year like I have for the past sixteen years. Once after the holidays and once around the summer solstice, I take a break from Genesis Gold® and do a dietary liver cleanse.

It’s up to you, of course. See how you feel. With Genesis Gold®, I sleep soundly, have lots of energy, my hormones are balanced, and I’m a lot happier!

I wish optimal health for you too!

Why is Genesis Gold® dosed by body weight?

Genesis Gold® was designed for children and adults alike. As a “whole” food product, Genesis Gold® delivers nutrient support by volume of powder and baseline needs are met according to body mass.

A 50 pound child needs much less than a 120 pound woman, who needs less than a 200 pound man. Some patients may need more than their body weight requires if they are very ill and malnourished, while other, more sensitive patients may need less and work up to a dose appropriate to their body weight overtime. Overtime as they heal many patients require less, some as low as 75% of their body weight!

What if I don’t like the taste of Genesis Gold?

When you’re off balance, most things that are good for you taste bad.

For 13 years, Genesis Gold® was unflavored and some people loved the taste, some people needed to mix it with juice, or just hold their noses. But they did it because it helped them.

I finally flavored it, so now the majority of people including small children take it in water alone.

Most people find it tastes better over time. That’s because, as your body detoxes and gets back in balance, you will come to only notice the tasty ingredients.

The thing is, it grows on you. And if it works then you’ll take it no matter how it tastes.

So hold your nose if you have to and take chance that Genesis Gold® will heal your root issue, like it has hundreds of others who suffered from hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, immune dysfunction, digestive and detoxification issues.

Do you ever have a maintenance dose of Genesis Gold® or is it always based on your weight?

Yes, the maintenance dose is about half scoop below your ideal body weight.

It takes time to get to low maintenance dose. According to your level of health when starting Genesis Gold® , it may take 6-12 months to be able to lower your dose below your body weight. The longer you’ve been out of balance, the longer it takes to optimize your health. About one month of healing for every year you’ve been out of balance.

Remember the recommended dose is one scoop per fifty pounds of body weight.

The nice thing about Genesis Gold® is you can adjust your dose according to your needs. If you’re under more stress, then take a half scoop more. I have patients who’ve taken Genesis Gold® for over ten years, adjusting their dose according to their situation. For instance, teachers will bump their dose a couple weeks before school starts through mid fall to prevent from getting sick.

Overtime your body will start “talking” to you. You will know when it’s time to cut back to maintenance or when you need more. Usually it’s an accidental adding too many or too little scoops when you mix it in the morning. Or perhaps you begin craving a second dose. Or you forget to take it for a few days. Your body needs a break.

I usually take a 3-5 day break twice a year, so I don’t develop resistance and Genesis Gold® keeps working well for me.

What’s the best way to get kids to take Genesis Gold®?

For children and adults with picky palates try mixing Genesis Gold® in a smoothie!

Here’s my Best Smoothie Recipe Ever!


2 cups frozen fruit (fresh fruit is fine, but you’ll need to add ice to make it colder)

Handful of greens (spinach, kale, beet greens, even mixed microgreens work)

1 1/2 cups coconut water (coconut milk for a creamier smoothie)

1 scoop protein powder (I prefer unsweetened hemp protein)

Blend until smooth.


What To Expect

What is Genesis Gold® & what can it do for me?

Genesis Gold® is a natural nutritional supplement, I created to keep Hormones in Harmony™, balance the brain chemistry, enhance immune function and help you reach your optimal state of wellness.

Genesis Gold® can help retune the body by:

Harmonizing hormones, especially in those hormonally challenged by male and female menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, insomnia, obesity, adrenal fatigue.

Balancing brain chemistry, especially in those suffering from depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, mental fog, and learning disabilities.

Enhancing immune function, especially in those exposed to air-borne germs like travelers, teachers, students.

When can I expect to feel better on Genesis Gold®?

Most people do feel increased energy and sleep better within the first few weeks but healing years of imbalance takes months. Genesis Gold® is an investment in your health. It takes time to heal. It’s not a quick fix.

If you’ve been sick for a long time, you can expect to get back in balance in a matter of months. Expect it to take one month for every year you’ve been out of balance. For instance, if you’ve suffering hormonal imbalance for ten years, it’ll take ten months to get back in balance.

It’s like the healing that occurs when someone stops smoking. If they’ve smoked for twenty years, it’ll take twenty months for their lungs to heal. Real healing takes time.

Most people feel better within the first few weeks of taking Genesis Gold® but I encourage them to keep going if they really want to heal at the deepest level.

Can there be a healing crisis with Genesis Gold®?

My own healing transformation lasted a couple of months after starting Sacred Seven®. Sacred Seven® was first since it took me three years to find a manufacturer for Genesis Gold®.

Now it did feel more like a crisis as all my old symptoms and issues came up to be healed. Having watched this process in many of my sensitive patients, I came to the conclusion that when the hypothalamus finally gets what it needs to do its job properly, orchestrating your entire symphony of hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune factors, then it seems to start by cleaning house. Detoxification occurs with the resultant headaches, bowel changes, night sweats, body aches, skin breakouts.

You will experience strange sensitivities to food, odors, and your environment in general as your immune system reprograms. It’s as if your body is trying to tell you it’s always had issues with some food, or whatever, and just tolerated it. Now it’s telling you, “please give me a break.”

Will I get a withdrawal reaction if I stop taking Genesis Gold®?

A customer asked- I’ve read some testimonials where if people go off it for a few days they can really feel the effects (and sometimes even worse than they felt before)…could this be a withdrawal reaction?

I responded: People do miss Genesis Gold® when they’re off of it, because they cannot get enough nutritional support in their diet alone. There are no withdrawal effects to date or crashes coming off Genesis Gold® like you would see with a stimulant.

Is there support if I have questions?

Unlike most supplements, Genesis Gold ® comes with support from hypothalamus expert Deborah Maragopoulos FNP. Through her books, videos, and courses, Deborah shares her 35+ years of clinical experience treating thousands of patients with neuro-immune-endocrine issues.

Genesis Gold® Interactions

Is Genesis Gold® all I have to take?

Genesis Gold® replaces most of your supplement needs, if not all. Genesis Gold® replaces supplements for digestive, immune, energy, brain, hormone health. Unlike any other supplement, Genesis Gold® is specifically formulated to support hypothalamus and optimize genetic expression.

Will Genesis Gold® be safe for me?

While everyone’s situation and health concerns are different, Genesis Gold® has been safely used by thousands of customers and patients of Deborah Maragopoulos Family Nurse Practitioner. From breastfeeding moms to women with a history of breast cancer, Genesis Gold® has been taken without adverse effects.

Genesis Gold® does not have any hormones in it. So it is safe to use by people who have any type of hormonal concerns. Genesis Gold® is designed to support optimal hypothalamic functioning which then will balance your hormones naturally.

Of course you want to consult with your health care provider if you have any specific concerns.

Will Genesis Gold® interfere with any other medications?

Genesis Gold® has been taken with medications for hypertension, high cholesterol, hormone replacement therapy (including testosterone and estrogen, as well as thyroid, adrenal hormones, and insulin), birth control pills, drugs for diabetes, antibiotics, anti-virals, anti-fungals, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs with no major reactions. Overtime, many patients on Genesis Gold® can wean off chronic medications as their bodies become biochemically balanced. Always consult with your healthcare provider before adjusting your medications.

Can Genesis Gold® replace the rest of my supplements?


Before Genesis Gold® most of my patients were spending hundreds of dollars per month on supplements, trying to treat all their symptoms, never getting to the root of their issue.

Frankly before Genesis Gold®, I prescribed lots of natural therapies including nutritional supplements to help my patients. I used to think “Wow! I couldn’t take that much stuff!”

So I researched what was the root of all the hormonal issues, the neurological imbalances, the immune dysfunction I was seeing in patients who were traveling from all around the world for my help.

That’s when I found the maestro of the body’s biochemical symphony is your Hypothalamus.

And then I researched what I could feed your hypothalamus to get it back in balance, to correct the biochemical miscommunication, to help your body heal at the genetic level.

Then I created it – Genesis Gold®!

Just one delicious green drink of Genesis Gold® once a day replaces dozens of pills and saves $200-300 every month on more complicated regimens.

Will Genesis Gold® interfere with my heart medications?

Most heart medications are fine with Genesis Gold®. Although most patients taking Coumadin are advised not to eat green vegetables, Coumadin can be adjusted to accommodate a healthy diet, including super greens foods like Genesis Gold® My patients taking Genesis Gold® who are prescribed Coumadin do well. It is best to adjust the drug to the patient, not adjust the patient to drug.


Can Genesis Gold® help me lose weight?

Obesity is a complicated problem, possibly due to malnutrition, upset metabolism, low energy expenditure, chronic stress, and sleep deprivation.

By supporting optimal function of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain which controls appetite, basal metabolic rate, and the weight set point, Genesis Gold® may enhance weight loss, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Hormonal imbalances contribute to sluggish metabolisms. Genesis Gold® helps harmonize the hormones. Cellular toxicity can slow energy production and lead to a sluggish metabolism. Genesis Gold® provides the micronutrient support to detoxify at the cellular level and speed up energy production.

Energy & Mental Health

Can Genesis Gold® help increase energy?

Many people suffering from fatigue have noticed an increase in energy after taking Genesis Gold®.

By providing the natural micronutrients necessary to enhance mitochondrial function, the basal metabolic rate increases, which enhances your energy.

How do Hormones affect Brain Fog?

All your hormones affect your brain function. Yet what we typically call brain fog is induced by fluctuations in estradiol levels. Both sexes need estrogen to fire neurons and retrieve stored information.

When estrogen levels fall, around ovulation, premenstrually, and during menses, during perimenopause, and majorly after menopause, it’s like a power shortage for your brain. All the main neuro-functions get juiced so you survive ( via breathing, circulation, and senses) but the immediate neuro-function like short term memory, AKA “What am I looking for?”, is compromised.

Progesterone is also part of the picture as it keeps the myelin sheaths healthy. The myelin sheath is the nerve cell’s insulation, like the plastic tubing around electric wires to keep them from short circuiting. Less progesterone production during the change or less circulating progesterone because it’s all being used up to fuel the stress hormone, cortisol, means your brain tends to misfire. Too much cortisol production can eat away at the myelin sheaths which is why chronic stress is so harmful to proper brain function.

Whenever I feel stressed and the Fog threatens to roll in, I increase my Genesis Gold® by 1/2 scoop or add 1/2 scoop of Sacred Seven® , sometimes both if life is super crazy and I need all my facilities to keep our heads above water.

Remember, male testosterone is converted to estrogen, which helps men’s brains fire efficiently. Of course, men do not make as much estrogen as women do. Studies show that females use more of their brains both right and left simultaneously than males which may be why women are more adept at multitasking.

Other Symptoms

Are insulin resistance and leaky gut connected and does Genesis Gold® help?

Stress connects insulin resistance and leaky gut. Chronic stress induces high cortisol levels which negatively affects your glucose metabolism leading to insulin resistance. Remember cortisol tells your body to release stored sugar in order to fuel the fight or flight response. It doesn’t matter that you’re stressed over politics, or finances, or a rocky relationship, your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis responds as if you’re being chased by a tiger. Now if you’re not running away from a tiger than you don’t need all that released sugar so your fat cells store it for later. When the stress doesn’t end, the rest of your cells become resistant to all that insulin and sugar floating around if they don’t need it for energy.

Over time high cortisol levels can eat always at your gut lining causing leaky gut. Cortisol is catabolic meaning that it breaks down tissue. Too much cortisol means something is getting eaten away and your intestinal tract is highly susceptible to the excess cortisol. Plus when your adrenal glands are triggered to make cortisol in excess the immune modulating metakephlins they should also be making are affected which reduces your resistance to infection. Which is why you tend p get sick when you’re stressed. And why you become hypersensitive and start reacting to certain foods which aggravates leaky gut syndrome. Plus your beneficial gut bacteria (probiotics) are disrupted by the high cortisol levels and high sugar levels which favor yeast overgrowth.

So how can Genesis Gold® help? By moderating your stress response and helping reverse insulin resistance. Plus Genesis Gold® can help heal your gut lining. If you have bacterial or yeast intestinal overgrowth, you will need to treat it first. Then you can start healing your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal miscommunication with Genesis Gold® and normalize your cortisol production, reverse your insulin resistance and heal your leaky gut.

Would Genesis Gold® help my friend with heat stroke induced hypothalamic dysfunction since childhood?

Yes, I believe so. But since your one friend’s hypothalamus was damaged in childhood, it will take time for complete rejuvenation. Your friend may experience a decrease in the intensity of the migraines as well as the frequency before her body temperature stabilizes over the next 6-9 months. To hasten the response, I would recommend adding the Sacred Seven® amino acids to the Genesis Gold®. Although the Sacred Seven® amino acids are in Genesis Gold®, the extra dose will heal the hypothalamus much more rapidly.

A young man with a severe head injury resulting in brain damage was given the Sacred Seven® amino acids via his gastric tube feeding, in hopes of healing him more quickly than conventional medical treatments. His neurologists were impressed at the effect of the Sacred Seven® in stabilizing his body temperature.

Genesis Gold® will provide the balance of nutrients necessary to reverse years of damage, by helping the body detoxify and supporting the glands that produce growth factors to heal the hypothalamus.

I stopped Genesis Gold® and my hot flashes are back…

A Customer brought up, I’ve been taking Genesis Gold® faithfully until I went on vacation. Within a few days, I got hot flashes back. I’m a believer that Genesis Gold® really works, but will I have to take it forever?

I answered; That is a great question. Forever is a long time and I do know that it’s not easy through even the best of diets to get all the nutrition we need for perfect health. Most people take multiple supplements to fill in the nutritional holes in their diets. I find it easier to take a single formula that supports my entire system- Genesis Gold®.

Can Genesis Gold® help hyperhidrosis?

A customer asked- I suffer from hyperhidrosis and I’ve been told that this is an issue with my autonomic nervous system, which is regulated by the hypothalamus. Do you happen to know if your supplements can help with my condition? My hyperhidrosis was really bad 4 years ago, but now it’s just in my hands and feet it gets worse if I get anxious.

I responded; I have had patients with hyperhidrosis do very well on my products. It takes time to rebalance the hypothalamus to reset the autonomic nervous system, however.

I would recommend taking Genesis Gold®, at one scoop per fifty pounds of body weight, which will provide full hypothalamic, autonomic nervous system, hormonal and detoxification support. In addition I would recommend extra Sacred Seven® amino acids which are in Genesis Gold® but taking more will hasten your hypothalamic healing.

First to reset the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis that is fueling the anxiety driven hyperhidrosis. Once that is calmed down, the neuroendocrine response that creates excessive autocrine sweating will mitigate.

Can Genesis Gold® help lower cholesterol?

I created Genesis Gold® to balance your hormones and your hypothalamus which helps lower cholesterol. That’s because hormones specifically steroid hormones like estrogen, progesterone and cortisol are made from LDL cholesterol. whenever I see a patient with elevated cholesterol, I start working on balancing their hormones.

Now balance takes time, so the effect on your cholesterol will not be seen for at least three months. In the original research it took six months to bring down total cholesterol in the most hormonally challenged patients, but their cholesterol ratio was healthier (with HDL rising to >30% of total cholesterol in the first three months). I measure LDL and HDL particle size and Genesis Gold® definitely increases the size of both protective LDL and HDL particles.

What to do when your bio-identical hormones stop working?

So you’ve been on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for a few years. Everything was peachy. You felt good. Hot flashes stopped. You could sleep through the night. Your moods were stable. No more brain fog.

But now you’re having hot flashes again. And night sweats. And you can’t sleep. And you’re peeing yourself every time you laugh. Which is no laughing matter! And your emotions are all over the place. Feels like puberty all over again. But worse, because you have no sex drive and your vagina is dry as a desert.

Oh, my goodness! Can your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) stop working? YES!

But don’t worry there’s something you can do about it…

First let’s discuss why your BHRT might stop working.

Your hormones work by getting into your cells via little doorways called receptor sites. Here’s a sex steroid receptor site.

When your receptor sites are no longer sensitive, your hormones can’t get in. We call that receptor site resistance. You may be familiar with insulin resistance. Your cells can become resistant to your sex hormones too.


Well, your cells never were exposed to the same amount of hormones all the time. When you’re still in your reproductive years having regular periods, your hormones fluctuated throughout your cycle. And at least three days a month starting on the first day of your period, you got a break from estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. That’s nature’s way of preventing resistance.

Here’s an example of how cell receptor site resistance works. Let’s say you’re sautéing onions. Your partner walks into the kitchen and says, “Hey, you’re burning the onions!”

You check and sure enough the onions are burning. Why did your partner notice and you didn’t? Because your olfactory receptor sites were saturated by the odor of cooking onions. And your partner’s olfactory receptor sites were completely open, so they smelled what you couldn’t. Same goes with hormone receptors.

It’s just like opiates. You keep using pain meds all the time and you quickly develop tolerance, so you need more and more to get an effect. Eventually they don’t work.

Take a Break
So the moral of the story is…to prevent receptor site resistance, you need to take a break. Specifically three days off every month. That will clear your receptors and allow your hormones to keep working for you. Otherwise, you have to keep using more and more to get an effect and eventually your hormones will stop working.

So what if it’s too late? Your BHRT doesn’t work anymore. If you’re under 60, then taking a three week break from your hormones will help clear your receptor sites. Then restarting them should give you similar relief as when you first began your hormones.

Support cell receptivity
You can also increase your dose of Genesis Gold® by 4gm (about a teaspoon) over your body weight (4gm per every fifty pounds) to enhance cellular receptivity and help you metabolize your sex hormones more safely. Whenever I take a break, I add a teaspoon of Sacred Seven® amino acids to my Genesis Gold® to help mitigate the hot flashes and moodiness associated with hormone withdrawal.

Why suffer? I know it’s hard to be off your hormones for a few days, but developing resistance is even harder. So best to prevent it by taking a three day break from your BHRT every month.

What if you’re over 60 and all the sudden your BHRT isn’t working?

Well, that’s a little different. Older women still need a three day break. But now they’re in adrenopause. I like to refer to it as the second menopause. During the ten to fifteen years of menopause, your adrenal glands usually produce enough DHEA that converts into testosterone and then into estrogen, effectively supplementing your BHRT.

Over 60, stressed out
Once your adrenals slow down with age or poop out from stress, it feels like you don’t have enough sex hormones on board. You begin having hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia all over again. So not only do you need to clear your sex hormone receptors, you need to add adrenal support.

Taking Genesis Gold® is an excellent way to support your adrenals. If stress is high, you may need to take a little extra adrenal glandular for a few weeks. Just don’t take glandular longer than a a few months. Glandulars stop working and your liver will treat them as a toxin.

How does Genesis Gold® help learning disabilities?

Disabled brain function has been shown to be related to an undernourished brain. Genesis Gold® provides all the essential nutrients for optimal brain function. It is rich in essential amino acids—the building blocks for neurotransmitters that enhance cognition.

Genesis Gold® is also rich in essential fatty acids, like DHA, that enhances neurotransmission and has been shown to improve learning disabilities such as ADHD. Genesis Gold® is a unique whole food blend that is naturally rich in powerful healing micronutrients that optimize brain function.

How can Genesis Gold® improve mood disorders/depression?

Depression and anxiety has been associated with undernourished brains. The optimal micronutrient potential absorption in Genesis Gold® enhances neurotransmitter function as evidenced by improved patient moods. Those wishing an alternative to drug therapy have used Genesis Gold® under psychologist recommendations successfully.

Also, adding Sacred Seven™ to the Genesis Gold® can enhance neurotransmitter recovery.

If I take Genesis Gold® can I get off HRT?

Many of my patients completely wean off Hormone Replacement Therapy once on Genesis Gold® for 1-3 months. Go slowly, do not go cold turkey and stop HRT abruptly. Weaning over 8-12 weeks helps avoid hypothalamic backlash like insomnia and hot flashes.

Will Genesis Gold® help with heavy metals?

Genesis Gold® helps with detoxification by providing nutrients necessary to enhance hepatic (liver) detoxification as well as cellular detoxification.

Heavy metals take the place of minerals in the cell structure. I am a believer in detoxification and chelation therapies, but not too rapidly unless in the case of acute poisoning. Many patients are toxic for years so heavy metals actually make up part of their cell structure. Heavy metals affect receptor sites that allow hormones into cells blocking the lock so the hormonal key can’t get in. Chelation therapy should be monitored by qualified health care practitioner.


What if you're sensitive to a specific ingredient in Genesis Gold?

While we cannot create different formulas for everyone’s dietary restriction, fortunately, we have two versions of hypothalamic support – Genesis Gold and Sacred Seven.

I packaged Sacred Seven amino acids separately for those people who may not tolerate the full Genesis Gold formula.

Sacred Seven contains only plant-derived pure hypothalamic amino acids.

Here’s a link to more information about Sacred Seven –

Each and every raw plant-based ingredient is an essential part of the Genesis Gold formula.

That being said, most people find that after supporting their hypothalamus with Sacred Seven for a few months they are able to tolerate the raw plant ingredients in Genesis Gold as their immune system regulates.

I see Genesis Gold® has green tea and royal jelly, are they stimulants?

A customer mentioned- I’m thinking of trying the Genesis Gold®. I used the take the Sacred Seven® some years ago. I just checked in with my homeopathic doctor to make sure it was ok to take while on my remedy and he said I could try it, but also the following:

“Be aware it contains green tea and royal jelly–both are . I suspect when you take this formula that you will feel really energized and kind of buzzing – but I’m not sure how good it will be for an over arching even keeled energy state. You are welcome to try it out. Just be aware if you feel like you get so that you need it for energy and are dragging without it. That’s what energy formulas create, a dependency on them.”

I explained that there’s not enough amount of green tea and Royal Jelly in Genesis Gold® to create a stimulant effect. The amounts of all the herbs are sub therapeutic. Together they create a symbiotic healing within your biochemistry.

The energy people feel on Genesis Gold® is three fold:

1) Genesis Gold® enhances mitochondrial energy output through nutritional support of your cells.

2) Genesis Gold® enhances cellular uptake of thyroid hormone optimizing energy production.

3) Genesis Gold® optimizes cellular detoxification pathways which enhances clean energy production.

I’m sensitive to arginine and I see it’s in Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven®.

Arginine is also in protein foods, including meat, eggs, and diary as well as soy, nuts and beans. Most arginine sensitivity is dose related and, in those with underlying herpes infections, high dose arginine can induce an outbreak. There is no more arginine in Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® than in protein foods. Genesis Gold® has very small amount of Sacred Seven® amino acids. If you choose to try either product, go slowly. Since the amino acids are balanced, there are less problems with overloading the body and inducing a herpetic outbreak. Once the body becomes balanced with Genesis Gold®, herpes is no longer welcome by the immune system and may come to the surface to infect someone else.

Can I take Genesis Gold® if I'm gluten sensitive?

Genesis Gold® does contain Kamut Sprouts. Sprouted forms of grains are GLUTEN FREE. I included sprouted forms of ancient grains to help heal the hypersensitivity issues so many people have developed from the consumption of high gluten modern grains. I have had patients with celiac disease do very well on the Genesis Gold® formula.


How can I be sure of of the purity of the ingredients in Genesis Gold®️?

Each and every ingredient in Genesis Gold®️ comes with a certificate of analysis which verifies its source, species and percent extract as well as guarantees it being free from microbial and toxin contamination, before Deborah signs off on the final blending of the product.

Miscellaneous Questions

Do I need a consult to determine if I should start with Genesis Gold® or Sacred Seven®?

No, you do not need a consult to determine which product is best for you.

Genesis Gold® is the foundation formula that includes whole foods naturally rich in micronutrients including vitamin, minerals and antioxidants, adaptogenics herbal blend, digestive support, detoxification support, and complete neuro-immune-endocrine support plus the Sacred Seven® amino acids to optimize hypothalamic function (The hypothalamus is the maestro of the entire neuro-immune-endocrine system). I recommend Sacred Seven® amino acids, in addition to Genesis Gold®, if you have depression, anxiety and/or want to get off medications for these disorders, a learning disability, severe hormone depletion symptoms likely newly menopausal, autoimmune thyroiditis or food allergies and may be sensitive to the whole foods in Genesis Gold® After 2-3 months on Sacred Seven® alone, the hypothalamus balances enough to decrease hypersensitivity, Genesis Gold® can then be taken.

I am trying to get pregnant, can Genesis Gold® help me?

Genesis Gold® can help balance hormones that may be out of balance and contributing to infertility. Since 2005, seven babies have been conceived by mothers taking Genesis Gold®. Some take it throughout pregnancy.

One patient consulted for infertility before Genesis Gold® was available. After a hystergram and a post coital test, we proceeded to insemination with bio-identical progesterone to support her through the first trimester. She conceived, but with significant weight gain, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. After delivery, she suffered from postpartum depression. Her child has a mild learning disability.

When she came back for second conception counseling, she asked about alternatives and I could offer Genesis Gold®. She conceived in a couple months after taking the product. She was able to use progesterone for her corpus luteal defect, and this time without suffering gestational diabetes, hypertension, nor postpartum depression. Her second child is very healthy and well ahead of developmental milestones.

I also had a patient with hypopituitary disorder (no periods, low thyroid, low adrenal and no pituitary hormone production, as well as infertility). Over the years, I’ve treated her with bio-identical hormones. After a year on Genesis Gold®, she wanted to start weaning off the HRT. We went very slowly over many months, until she was having normal menses on her own without the hormones. She just delivered a healthy baby boy.

Deborah, do you take Genesis Gold®?

Yes. Beginning in 2000 with the Sacred Seven® amino acids until Genesis Gold® was available in 2003, I have noticed the following benefits:

I have not had to use bio-identical hormones to regulate my menstrual cycles.

I have not had to use antidepressants to regulate my sleep and moods.

I have not had to take lots of vitamins, minerals and other supplements to boost my energy.

I no longer need to exercise obsessively to maintain my figure, still fitting into jeans I wore in high school.

I look and feel 15 years younger, aging less rapidly than my peers.

I have experienced all of this while running a successful healing practice, publishing a book, speaking on the national circuit, taking care of a menagerie of animals and raising two teenagers at the same time.

Can I get a sample of Genesis Gold®?

We do not offer samples at this time, because true healing takes time, longer than a sample would allow.

Hormonal balance is not going to happen in just a few days worth of taking Genesis Gold®. You will feel a bit more energy, perhaps even sleeping deeper after a few days.

Can my child take Genesis Gold®?

Many children have taken Genesis Gold® and do very well. Children seem to tolerate the herb-like taste much better that adults. Children often express the need or desire for Genesis Gold®. Since 2003, children as young as toddlers to have enjoyed the benefits of Genesis Gold®.

Can men take Genesis Gold® too?

Yes. Genesis Gold® is formulated for human physiology, dosed by body weight. Genesis Gold® supports sex steroids, adrenals, thyroid, glucose metabolism, immune system and brain health. Men benefit as much as women from partaking of Genesis Gold®.

How do hormones affect A-fib and can Genesis Gold® help?

A-fib or Atrial Fibrillation is diagnosed when the heart’s upper chambers (atria) beat out of coordination with the lower chambers (ventricles). This condition may have no symptoms, but when symptoms do appear they include palpitations, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Conventional treatments include drugs, electrical shock (cardioversion), and minimally invasive surgery (ablation). A-fib is a common heart arrhythmia with 200,000 new diagnoses in the US every year.

When your hormones are in balance, your heart functions normally. When your hormones are out of balance your heart function is disrupted which can aggravate and even precipitate heart arrhythmia. Diminished hormones like in menopause can cause palpitations as can high levels of thyroid and adrenal hormones. Insulin resistance can aggravate electrical disturbances in the heart as the nerves need fuel (glucose) to function.

All of my patients who come to me with A-fib do very well on Genesis Gold® as it starts to get their hormones in balance and reduces the frequency and severity of palpitations. Even more extreme cases like congenital defects have benefited from the hypothalamic and hormone balancing effect of Genesis Gold®. Genesis Gold® has been safely taken with heart medications.

Here’s a testimonial from a man with A-fib

“I am a 64 year old man born with a heart condition that has been difficult to control the past 14 years. As you know, my thyroid was severely affected by the use of Amiodorone to control my HCM (hypertrophic cardio myopathy) and subsequent atrial fibrillation. The endocrinologist took a wait and see attitude regarding getting my thyroid to normal levels. There wasn’t much he could do for me. With your guidance and his careful eye on my progress, he was amazed at the rapid recovery once my condition was diagnosed. In October of 06, my cardiologist installed a pace maker. With the regimen you assigned that included the use of both Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven®, my numbers from recent blood work are in perfect order. I take both each day and am convinced that the added use of these supplements contributes to my well being and without doubt straightened out my thyroid problem.

Thank you for always being there to support me. The combination of exercise and nutrition is the key to good health and, along with the extra support I get from your products, I lead a full and healthy life.”

Jim Green, Director, Santa Barbara, CA

Where’s the best place to apply transdermal hormone creams?

Bio-identical hormones are best delivered transdermally meaning through the skin. Unlike oral hormones, transdermal hormones bypass the liver so there is no interference with the clotting cascade. Thus they are safer.

I prefer liposomal bases for transdermal hormones. Liposomal delivery mechanisms helps fat soluble hormones penetrate the skin and get deposited into the subcutaneous fat allowing more consistent blood levels. It’s best to apply transdermal hormones too clean skin and wait at least fifteen minutes before getting the skin wet like sweating. Alcohol based creams do not deliver large hormone molecules past the dermis. Liposomal based transdermal progesterone and estrogen cream is best applied to the inner thighs. Alcohol based creams are better applied to thinner skin like inner forearms.

For men, testosterone is best absorbed from upper inner arms. Men need to be careful not to touch women, children or pets until the cream, gel or liquid testosterone is completely absorbed, which usually takes 30 minutes.

Why do I feel sick and nauseated during perimenopause?

When you start the Hormone Roller-coaster of Perimenopause, your Hypothalamus becomes very imbalanced. Your hypothalamus not only controls your hormones, it controls your hunger and digestion too. Just like the nausea associated with pregnancy hormones, the perimenopausal surges of estrogen and progesterone affects hypothalamic production of grehlin – your hunger hormone – as well as how fast your digestive tract functions.

Grehlin induces stomach acid production and starts the digestive process. Without food in your stomach, it’s going to make you feel sick; nauseated, you may experience heartburn,or even vomiting.

So not only are your periods irregular, your moods are all over the place, and your waistline is thickening during perimenopause, but you’re nauseated too.

The best way to deal with perimenopausal nausea is to support your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®. And I recommend for my perimenopausal patients the same remedies as my pregnant patients to get their nausea under control. Ginger!

Yes, chewing on crystallized ginger, ginger snaps, or even ginger root helps quell the nausea until your hypothalamus gets enough phytonutrients and amino acids from Genesis Gold®

Plus be sure and eat small balanced meals every few hours to quell the nausea – a little complex carbs like whole grains and winter squash, protein from eggs, poultry, nuts, and healthy fat from olive oil, avocado, coconut oil.

It takes a few months to get your hypothalamus back into balance. So get started on Genesis Gold®, stock up on ginger, and be patient. Once your hormones are in better balance with Genesis Gold® you will sleep deeper, have more energy, less moodiness, and transition through menopause gracefully!

Miscellaneous FAQs

Question (Hormone Balancing):
I have some questions about hormone balancing. I don’t seem to have the symptoms identified in estrogen loss, but I do seem to have the ones I see for progesterone loss. Irritability that has gotten pretty extreme lately. Also, I am running often and seem to be carrying extra weight I would have thought would be gone by now. I notice more weight in my mid-section and bloating around my periods, which I never had in the past. All that being said, I don’t know what I am talking about and I am sure you can help. Where do I start?

Well, sounds like you are having some hormonal imbalance. I like to start with nutritional resources to help my patients make their own hormones before prescribing hormone replacement therapy. Of course, early perimenopause is characterized by low progesterone levels and resultant estrogen dominance.

Honestly, I held out on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy until at 50y/o when I began going through menopause. I was able to stay in balance throughout perimenopause by taking Genesis Gold®, plus for the more severe symptoms adding some Sacred Seven® amino acids to balance my hypothalamus. Most of my patients do the same and many women struggling with hormone imbalance (as well as men, yes, they too have hormones!) will start with Genesis Gold® and achieve hormonal competence so that they do not need a consult.

For irritability, I have found that by feeding the brain what it needs to make balanced neurotransmitters, mood fluctuations are minimized.

Plus, there is no guarantee of weight loss with progesterone. The weight gain around your middle is a sign of insulin resistance that accompanies flagging hormone levels. It’s actually estradiol that upregulates insulin receptors while progesterone supports adrenal production of cortisol which can increase insulin resistance.

Question (Sleep Disorders):
I have had huge post menopause issues with sleep, weight gain, and hair falling out and lots of other exciting things going haywire in me. I am on progesterone but sleep has still not returned. I am stuck on drugs to get me to sleep for 2-3 drugged hours each night. I wondered if your product was helpful for others you might know of who have a sleep issue. I don’t mean I toss and turn a bit I just lay awake till 4am then drift off for an hour or two.

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, Genesis Gold® can help restore your hormones and your natural circadian rhythm. Most people taking Genesis Gold® notice improvement in their metabolism with more energy, deeper sleep and healthier skin and hair. I would also recommend adding Sacred Seven® amino acids for a month or two to reset your hypothalamus faster.

Question (Severe Fluid Retention):
I’m wondering if you’ve ever dealt with anyone with severe fluid retention. Anytime I take in sodium I retain fluid like crazy. No matter how hard I try I can’t lose weight and it is devastating. I’m not sure what is causing it, if it’s my heart, kidneys lymph etc. I do have a fast heart beat, but for 3 years I have literally tried everything. I came across your website and had some hope you might have some answers.

When your hypothalamus is out of balance, your tissues protect themselves from toxicity by holding onto to water. As you feed your hypothalamus what it needs to balance itself, your hepatic, renal and cellular detoxification improves so you release the fluid. Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® will balance your hypothalamus naturally. This helps reverse insulin resistance which will lead to loss of excess body fat over time.

Question (Low Testosterone):
I was on your website reading about Genesis Gold®. Being a 62 year old male, I was diagnosed with low testosterone and have been using a gel so I know my body has shut down making its own. I would rather do it naturally. Will this product help my body produce it on its own? Anything else you would recommend?

Yes, Genesis Gold® will help balance your hormones bringing them to more youthful levels. It takes time to restore your hormones so adding Sacred Seven® amino acids will hasten the process.

My husband takes both. He tried bio identical testosterone and finds that the combination of Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® gives him more energy, better sleep, more strength and endurance and higher libido.

Question (SAM-e):
I’ve been taking Genesis Gold® for years and receiving all the benefits…recently I have added 200 mg SAM-e in the morning and feeling a positive difference. Comment?

SAM-e is used to treat arthritis and depression, but the dose you are taking is very small. I suspect the Genesis Gold® is giving you enough foundational support that you can receive therapeutic benefits from such a tiny dose of SAM-e.

I have seen the same magnifying effects on other supplements and medications. Often I have to wean patients down from their drugs and supplemental regime used to treat specific dis-ease processes when they are on Genesis Gold®.

Question (Hashimoto’s):
Can Genesis Gold® be taken if I have a thyroid disease called “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis” and am currently taking Synthroid. If I take Genesis Gold do I need to be concerned about my thyroid levels changing?

Hashimoto’s is a form of autoimmune thyroiditis which I have found responds really well to balancing the hypothalamus. I use both Genesis Gold® and extra Sacred Seven® (which lowers the autoimmune antibodies way faster than suppressing the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis with high dose thyroid replacement therapy). The combination plus diet and lifestyle management helps to return the thyroid to normal function.

Some patients may need thyroid hormone to supplement their low production but I prescribe non-synthetic thyroid hormone in a way to keep communication open between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and thyroid so they can eventually make their own thyroid hormone. Genesis Gold® supports thyroid function as well as adrenal function and glucose metabolism which are also affected by the autoimmunity. It’s complicated but optimizing biochemistry is my playground 🙂

You can take Genesis Gold® with thyroid hormone replacement. As your neuro-immune-endocrine system comes into balance, you may need less thyroid replacement so have your levels checked about six months after starting Genesis Gold®.

I like to get to the root cause of my patient’s dis-ease not just rest the symptom. They are rarely born ill, but rather acquire their conditions through environmental exposure and poor lifestyle choices. Everyone can heal. They just need to know how.

Question (Detox Reactions):
I find that green formulas cause intolerable detox reactions. Will Genesis Gold® make me sick?

The more toxic you are, the worse the reaction to super green foods. It is important that the colon is functioning well (frequent bowel movements) to clear the toxicity. Go slowly, if you have diarrhea. If gas and bloating, there’s probably a dysbiosis in the gut (imbalance of friendly flora). The most common culprit is yeast. Of course candida is a normal organism on skin and in every orifice but an overgrowth can cause fermentation in gut producing gas. Natural whole food products like Genesis Gold® are easily absorbed easily by you and by your yeast.

If Genesis Gold® causes gas and bloating, you may need a stool culture and sensitivity or better yet a complete digestive stool analysis to determine the if candida is a problem. More probiotics like acidophilus and bifidus and especially Saccharomyces can help. Or you can try natural anticandidial therapies like CanPlex.

Question (Detox Reactions):
I started taking Genesis Gold® and noticed after a couple months, I have little warts on my hands. This has not happened since I was young. What’s going on?

It is not unusual once the body is in balance for the immune system to start fighting off parasitic infections. Viruses can live in your system for years and need to replicate and find a new host when they are no longer welcome in you. Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. Those who are more compromised will take longer to show and clear miasms, like old infections. Miasm means a dark dank place and is a homeopathic term for old vibrations, belief systems, or molecular memories that need to be cleared.

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