When you’re going through perimenopause, it can be really, really difficult. Your periods are all over the place. You’re moody and irritable – like you have PMS all month. You may be gaining weight. You’re losing your motivation. Did you know that your hypothalamus controls when you go through perimenopause? Your hypothalamus controls reproduction and your sex hormones. When you start running out of eggs in the perimenopausal period causing your hormones to shift, your hypothalamus gets dysregulated. By supporting your hypothalamus through perimenopause, you can transition much more gracefully into menopause. Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold will help make The Change the best time of your life.
Are you having premenopause symptoms?

Are you having premenopause symptoms?

Today, we will talk about the symptoms of premenopause and how to treat them. Premenopause is the 5-10 years before your FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) starts to rise, making you officially perimenopausal. Perimenopause means you’re running out of eggs, making...

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