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My family calls you – the Fertility Goddess! Says that if it wasn’t for you and Genesis Gold® they know Nathan would not be here and they all say thank you! So thanks again for your help if it wasn’t for you we would not have these two beautiful children! Words cannot express how grateful we are!

Christina E.

Port Hueneme, CA

Infertility Explained

In the early 90s, I worked in an obgyn practice helping women get pregnant. Back then we used conventional methods – post coital evaluation of cervical mucus and sperm viability, hormonal induction of ovulation and artificial insemination – and if that didn’t work we punted our patients to reproductive endocrinologists for in vitro fertilization. Yet I always wondered why we weren’t addressing the root issue of infertility. In order to conceive, a woman must ovulate or release an egg every month, the man must have enough healthy vital sperm and the sperm must be able to get to the egg. If there’s a mechanical blockage, then surgery may be able to clear the way. Yet most cases of female infertility are caused by problems with ovulation. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is the most common cause of ovulation problems.


Like many patients who finally find me, Cathy* had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. It seemed with each passing month, Cathy grew more and more frustrated. She began losing hope. You see, Cathy suffered from PCOS. Her periods were irregular so she rarely ovulated. Her first pregnancy didn’t go so well. She spent lots of money on infertility treatments finally resorting to artificial insemination. With medical intervention she did get pregnant but it was unhealthy pregnancy. She developed gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and after a difficult labor and delivery, she spent the first weeks suffering from post partum depression. She wished there was a way she could get pregnant naturally.

*Name changed to protect the patient’s privacy.


Cathy wanted to conceive naturally without medical intervention and have a healthy pregnancy and, more important, a healthy baby! The problem was that Cathy’s hypothalamus was in survival mode. Cathy had PCOS – a metabolic condition characterized by high DHEA and testosterone, insulin resistance, low progesterone, and systemic inflammation. Cathy’s hypothalamus had determined it wasn’t safe to have a baby.


Within a few months of supporting her hypothalamus, Cathy began to have regular periods. Her hormones were in perfect balance. No more insulin resistance, normal testosterone levels, and her serum progesterone level indicated she was finally ovulating on her own. And guess what? Cathy got pregnant! On her own. Making a baby the old fashioned way – without medical intervention. Nine months later Cathy delivered a healthy baby boy. This time without complications – no gestational diabetes, no high blood pressure, no post partum depression – and her second son, he’s in perfect health – no struggles with learning or behavior issues like her first child.


So how did Cathy get back in balance and get pregnant? Cathy took Genesis Gold®. Genesis Gold® is specifically designed to support your hypothalamus and balance your hormones. Genesis Gold® didn’t just balance Cathy’s sex steroids, it harmonized her entire symphony of hormones. Her adrenals got back in balance with normal DHEA production. Her cells became sensitized to insulin effectively reversing insulin resistance. Her hypothalamic-pituitary-ovary axis began communicating again and she began ovulating on her own, producing enough estrogen and progesterone to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Cathy’s baby boy was the first conceived with the help of Genesis Gold®. There’s been eighteen more babies born since then. Are you ready to get pregnant naturally?

Results Data

♦  19 babies born (one twin pregnancy and two women used Genesis Gold® for multiple pregnancies)
♦  15 previously infertile women – ages 26-42
♦  10 of the women diagnosed its PCOS, 1 hypopanpituitarism, 4 premature ovarian failure used Genesis Gold® for average of 3 months (range 2 – 6 months with one woman with hypopanpituitarism took Genesis Gold® for 18 months to get all her hormones in balance before conceiving)

Real Testimonials

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Genesis Gold® helps women get pregnant. Could it work for you?

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