Hormones in Harmony

Heal Your Hypothalamus for Optimal Health, Graceful Aging, and Joyous Energy

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Heal Your Hypothalamus for Optimal Health, Graceful Aging, and Joyous Energy

Hormones Sing & DNA Dances. Your Hypothalamus is the maestro of your entire symphony of hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune factors. Your neuro-immune-endocrine system controls your moods, your memory, your sleep, your energy, your metabolism, your vulnerability to disease including cancer and autoimmunity, your digestion, your detoxification, your aging process. Whether you are in puberty or approaching the pause, either male or female, your health and well-being is determined by your hormonal balance.

If you’re not dancing in perfect health, your hormones are out of tune. Why tune up each instrument, when you can support the maestro and heal everything? If you’ve tried every diet, every lifestyle change, every meditation, every supplement and still aren’t experiencing optimal health, this is the book you need! Hormones in Harmony® shows you how to balance Your Hypothalamus naturally to heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul!

Intuitive Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner, Deborah Maragopoulos FNP, blends the Art of Healing with the Science of Medicine to uncover the root of your health problems and help you tap into your innate ability to heal.

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This book is for anyone and everyone who wants to heal themselves. Reading this book activated my hypothalamus and I could literally feel my body finally started to sing. I havent even recieved my genesis gold yet but I can tell the knowledge and information and healing vibration thru this book have already started to turn my body back on. My body is communicating with itself already. Its so true we really are a divine symphony and Im just gonna say that if your here reading reviews and deciding whether or not to buy this book, then you were divinely led here and you deserve to buy this gift for yourself. I read this book in 5 days. I could barely get enough. Time became of the essence. I have so far already bought 2 additional copies for friends and family and I only came across this book for the first time exactly 11 days ago today.

Deb has a different take on things. It’s a fantastic book for anyone with suspected hormone issues, or not feeling well or middle-aged anyones. Very readable with great stories. For those who complain that she mentions her product–There is a reason she touts the improvements people have with her Genesis Gold product: it’s a great product that gets to the root of so many imbalances that we think are just “normal” as we age. I took Genesis Gold as directed and slept like a rock for the first week, something I hadn’t done in years. I’ve taken her product for about 4 weeks so far and I can feel my hormone systems getting stronger: more sleep, less night sweating, much less anxious and more laid-back (unexpected but welcome), nerves feel stronger, my brain feels more clear and sharp. Sounds crazy, but all true. I have an appetite for my goals again. Seriously, a great book and super product.

Buy this wonderful book. It is worth it. This book is not just for women or someone with a medical background who may be familiar with every word used in describing our anatomy and physiology. I am neither and I have read this book twice so far and enjoyed it both times. As with any good book, I got more out of it the second time and am sure I will get more out of it with each future reading. Yes, I will read it again.

This is more than an interesting, well-written, informative, sometimes humorous story about what we are, how our body works, and how to get it to work better. This is also a story about who we are. It is a story about our spiritual nature and how important it is to tap into it to help our healing process. It is a story about an intuitive, integrative healer and her family and how she became who she is today. It is a story about having hope when the western medical model has failed you.

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP is an intuitive, integrative family nurse practice who has spent over thirty years blending the Science of Medicine with the Art of Healing to help thousands of women from perimenopause through postmenopause navigate their change of life and thrive.

Deborah has worked with the hormonally challenged, including women suffering from PCOS, infertility, adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, diabetes and insulin resistance, as well as autoimmune conditions.

Specializing in neuro-immune-endocrinology, Deborah focuses on optimizing the function of the hypothalamus – the maestro of the symphony of hormones.

Deborah is a graduate of UCLA, the past president of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners, endocrine advisor for Genova Laboratories, founder of the charity Divine Daughters Unite, author of the bestselling book Hormones in Harmony®️️ and creator of Genesis Gold®️️- a nutritional supplement uniquely formulated to balance hormones and optimize hypothalamic function.

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