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Look! After only 7 months of being on Genesis Gold®! I thank Genesis Gold® because this is the only thing that I have taken that has changed the way I am feeling today. I totally recommend it because it made a big difference in my life! My future self is grateful for the nutrition and support I am giving it now with Genesis Gold®.

Obesity Explained

Weight gain can be a result of a sedentary lifestyle, more calories consumed than expended, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances – specifically thyroid, adrenals, and pituitary. Obesity is a chronic relapsing multifactorial neurobehavioral disease that always involves hypothalamic dysfunction. Since your hypothalamus controls your metabolism, your hunger, your weight set point, your circadian rhythm, your stress response and your hormones, it makes sense to address the root issue of obesity.


Nancy* was forty pounds over weight. She had been struggling with her weight since college. By her midforties there wasn’t a diet, cleanse or exercise regimen she hadn’t tried. She’d lose a little weight and then put more back on. Nancy was tired, frustrated and ready to get to the root of her weight issue.

*Name changed to protect the patient’s privacy.


Nancy wanted to lose weight, specifically body fat. She wanted to maintain her lean body mass and get fit so she had more energy. She hoped getting in shape would help her get a promotion at work.


Within seven months Nancy had dropped three sizes. Her body composition showed the greatest improvement as her lean body mass increased and her body fat decreased for a total of twenty five pound weight loss. She felt great, energized, more confident and got the promotion she wanted.


So how did Nancy get back in shape? She followed an insulin resistant diet and did HIT exercise three times a week. But this time she was finally successful, since she supported her hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®. The super greens food blend in Genesis Gold® helped support her thyroid and adrenals, and raised her metabolism. The special amino acid blend in Genesis Gold® helped optimize her hypothalamus function so her weight set point lowered safely and naturally.

Are you ready to lose that body fat and reset your weight set point?

Results Data

Since 2003, both men and women have been able to lose body fat and get fit with the help of Genesis Gold®. With improved energy people are able to be more active. Plus Genesis Gold® provides what their hypothalamus needs and soon their body starts telling them exactly how to eat for optimal functioning.

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Genesis Gold® helps with obesity. Could it work for you?

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