Weight Management & Obesity

When you have issues with your weight, it’s really hard on your self-esteem, but it’s also really hard on your metabolism. Obesity is the number one risk factor leading to heart disease, diabetes, and a shortened lifespan. So it is vitally important to get your weight under control. You may have been working hard with diet and exercise but still have trouble losing weight and keeping it off. That’s because your hypothalamus is dysregulated. Your hypothalamus controls your weight setpoint and your metabolism. Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold can help increase your metabolism, increase your energy, allow you to burn body fat, lose that extra weight and reset your weight setpoint to a more ideal healthier level
Hot Weather Workouts

Hot Weather Workouts

Trying to get in shape for the summer but it’s just too hot? Then check out my three essential tips to get the most benefit out of your hot weather workouts. All so you can keep in shape in-spite of the summer heat. #1 Workout with Your Hypothalamus Exercise raises...

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Natural Appetite Suppression

Natural Appetite Suppression

If you want to know how to lose weight by suppressing your appetite naturally — then this video is for you. Make sure to subscribe so I can help you get your Hormones in Harmony and optimize your health. A tiny organ in your brain called your hypothalamus controls...

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