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Revealed: The Truth Behind Middle Age Weight Gain

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Why do we gain weight at middle age?

Let’s talk about it. 

If you’re past forty and your waistline is expanding, and your diet and exercise regime hasn’t changed, you must wonder what’s going on.

Middle-aged weight gain is very common. And now research has shown that your hypothalamus is to blame. Yes, it all comes down to the hypothalamus

There are neurons in the hypothalamus that have cilia that become damaged with age.  Nerve cilia is similar to the little hair-like cilia in your lungs. The ciliated neurons are in the part of the hypothalamus that controls your metabolism and your weight. 

As you get older, these cilia get shorter.

Shortened cilia do not function normally. A high fat diet will also shorten these cilia. As the cilia gets shorter, it’s harder to control your food intake. Your metabolism slows down and you gain weight, especially around your middle. 

Now, what can you do about it?

#1: Don’t eat too much fat and too much simple sugars and starches.

Eating a plant-based diet with adequate protein, rich and polyunsaturated fats, not trans fats or saturated fat and lots of colorful fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds can help to to protect the cilia in your hypothalamus. 

#2: Be sure that you’re not eating more calories than you’re expending.

Do not eat more calories than you’re expending The research shows that when subjects with shortened cilia from age or high-fat diets restricted their calories, the cilia actually repaired itself. 

So be careful with your diet.

And even if you’re middle-aged, you can help to protect your hypothalamic cilia by supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically. Genesis Gold® optimizes hypothalamic function and helps to protect against micro-inflammation of the hypothalamus.

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