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Sacred Seven® (Amino Acids for Hypothalamus)

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Amino acids are the building blocks for everything – your body and your biochemistry. Your hypothalamus, which controls all your vital functions, uses specific ratios of amino acids to do its job. It makes hormones and controls your immune system. It also controls your sleep, your energy, your metabolism, your weight, your fertility, your moods, your memory, your digestion, and your detoxification. 

When your hypothalamus is out of balance, you’ll experience an over-the-top stress response, fatigue, insomnia, temperature intolerance, and moodiness. As well as forgetfulness, infertility, irregular periods, weight gain or loss, allergies, vulnerability to infections, autoimmune disorders. I’ve found that my patients with complicated neurological, immune, and endocrine issues respond well to a trademarked blend of amino acids developed to support their hypothalamus: Sacred Seven®.

I initially created Sacred Seven® for learning-disabled children. It works wonders to balance brain chemistry and increase focus. Most of my ADHD children and adults are able to go drug-free after four to eight weeks on Sacred Seven®.

Sacred Seven® is the secret sauce in Genesis Gold®. Some people need both to get back in balance. I take both as I’m going through menopause. While Genesis Gold® is the foundation, I recommend adding Sacred Seven® if you:

– Want to hasten your healing

– Need extra brain support

– Are coming off drugs like antidepressants or anything addictive

– Are going through major stressors

– Have multiple health issues, especially autoimmune disorders

The amino acids in Sacred Seven® are extracted from non-GMO beets. It’s my trademarked blend, so that’s why each amino acid is not listed separately. But the total amount of amino acids is 5000mg per serving.

Sacred Seven® amino acids are sourced and bottled by Jo Mar Labs since 2000. The lab is fully certified with GMP and only makes batches for the highest quality. The shelf life is about 36 months from when it’s packaged.

For best results, you can mix Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® together. When you shake them rather than stir, it enhances absorption. Do not use hot liquids, as heat will destroy the amino acids. Store both Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® in a cool, dry place and use it within six months of opening.

While Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® are both designed to balance your hypothalamus, they boost your healing potential when taken together.

While Sacred Seven® amino acids are the heart of my Genesis Gold® formula, I bag them separately for those of us who need more complete hypothalamic support. You can’t get all the necessary amino acids from your diet alone for optimal hypothalamus function. Sacred Seven® is a unique blend of 20 amino acids designed to support optimal hypothalamus functioning. 

The difference between Sacred Seven® amino acids and other free form amino acids is the balance of the amino acids to one another. We’re all made of amino acids, even plants, and animals. But the difference between, let’s say, a frog and a cat is literally the way the amino acids are put together. 

The aminos in Sacred Seven® have the perfect balance for hypothalamic support.

Because your hypothalamus is not protected by the brain barrier, it’s incredibly sensitive to nutrition, especially to amino acids. It’s key that you balance your hypothalamus with an exact amino acid blend. This way you won’t create an imbalance in your central nervous system. 

Genesis Gold® contains Sacred Seven® amino acids within its trademarked herbal blend. All to support hormone receptor site function, detoxification pathways, digestion, and absorption. It also supports your cellular metabolism, including the safe metabolism of your hormones. Genesis Gold® is the full foundation support for hypothalamic function, and Sacred Seven® is the secret sauce.

You may need to use Sacred Seven® by itself if you have an allergy to any of the other ingredients in Genesis Gold®.

If you have gastrointestinal dysbiosis, you would start your hypothalamus healing with Sacred Seven®. You would then to treat the Candida overgrowth or SIBO first before you switch to Genesis Gold®. People with hyperthyroidism will oftentimes start with Sacred Seven® since they can be sensitive to the greens in Genesis Gold®. After a few months of hypothalamus support with Sacred Seven®, they can usually switch to the full Genesis Gold® formula. Taking extra Sacred Seven® with Genesis Gold® is especially helpful to balance your HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis during super stressful situations. 

Now, how do you take Sacred Seven®? It’s best to take it on an empty stomach mixed with water, first thing in the morning. Shake rather than stir to better spread the amino acids. And yes, you can mix Sacred Seven® directly with Genesis Gold®. Wait at least 15 minutes to eat for best absorption. 

While Sacred Seven® will reset your hypothalamus circadian rhythm help you sleep, you shouldn’t take it at night.

Some people who have very imbalanced central nervous systems, especially if they’ve used stimulants like learning disability medications or recreational drugs, will have an opposite reaction to Sacred Seven®. It will actually make them sleepy. In that case, and until their hypothalamus is in balance, they should take it in the evening. But for most, taking Sacred Seven® in the morning will help reset your circadian rhythm so you can sleep better and more deeply.

If you have any questions about the use of Sacred Seven®, Genesis Gold®, or your hypothalamus, please join us in our Hormone Support Group. You’ll get access to our online support group where I answer your questions live. Plus, my Hormone Reboot Training will give you all the information you need in order to understand how your hypothalamus works and why it’s so important to support your health.

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