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Transitioning Gracefully Through Menopause With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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I believe that the best way is to get the body to create its own hormones – hence I take and recommend Genesis Gold®.

But in 30 years of treating the hormonally challenged, I have found that during menopause most women need help in the transition. Hence, I sometimes prescribe Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Now, bioidentical means just like what your body makes. In other words, the chemical is the same.

Take progesterone for instance. It’s derived from wild yam – a plant. It’s exactly like the progesterone your body makes. Unlike the progestins in birth control pills and Provera which is used in menopausal HRT. The pharmaceutical progestins are derived from 19 carbon androgenic molecule. They fit the uterus’ progesterone receptors and fool the Hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. But progestins do not do what progesterone does – activating the P53 gene that protects you against cancer.

That’s why I choose compounded Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) over HRT.

I first got into to BHRT when my mother was going through menopause. Provera made her so depressed that she told me she’d rather get uterine cancer than take Provera. So I looked for an alternative. I found bioidentical progesterone.

Now, bioidentical progesterone has been used in medicine to prevent women from miscarriage for decades. Way before BHRT became popular. It’s given as an injection. Hurts like a son of a gun and is not practical for personal use. That same pharmaceutical-grade progesterone is what compounders use in BHRT. The difference is the vehicle to distribute the hormone.

Yet when you take most hormones orally your liver has to process them twice. That increases your risk of blood clots. This is exactly why the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study closed. Leaving a lot of women without HRT and truly suffering. So compounders got busy making BHRT.

Now your HRT choices are to use testosterone derived progestins plus estrogens derived from pregnant mares urine (Premarin) or estrogens derived from bacteria (estradiol in patch or pill form).

Is any of it natural? Yes, it all comes from nature. But the active chemical is derived or synthesized from the natural source – just like aspirin is derived from willow bark.

Can you get progesterone from eating wild yam? Not really. Your liver cannot synthesize progesterone from wild yam.

My goal with BHRT is to sing with your body until you can remember the tune.

In the meantime support your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold® to regulate all your hormones so your adrenals can help out with sex steroid production and help flow through menopause more gracefully.

So how does Genesis Gold® work to balance your hormones naturally?

First, the phytonutrients in Genesis Gold® from sea vegetation, sprouted ancient grains and cruciferous vegetables help your body open hormone receptor sites and provides the nutrients necessary to produce, metabolize and detoxify your own hormones.

Second, the synchronistic herbal blend in Genesis Gold® act as adaptogenics to help your endocrine glands including your ovaries, your thyroid, your adrenals, your pituitary, and your pancreas create hormones in a balanced healthy ways.

Last and most importantly, the Sacred Seven® amino acid blend in Genesis Gold® supports your hypothalamus which is the boss of your entire body. Your hypothalamus needs extra support during the transition of menopause, so sometimes I recommend that my patients take extra Sacred Seven® with their Genesis Gold® to hasten their healing and help during times of stress which is particularly tough on perimenopausal and menopausal women.

So I can prescribe much lower doses of BHRT when my patients take Genesis Gold®. Plus it’s easiest getting them off BHRT when the time comes. And that’s individual, a decision each woman must make for herself, hopefully with the guidance of a holistically-minded health care practitioner.

Genesis Gold and Sacred Seven

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