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How to Know if Your Hormones are Out of Balance

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Have you ever been to the doctor knowing something’s wrong and you’re pretty sure it’s your hormones, so he runs blood tests and you go back for the results to be told they’re all normal? How can your blood tests be normal when you feel like crap?

It’s because your hormones are not easily measured by blood work. In fact, what’s floating around in your blood is not an adequate representation of how your hormones are actually functioning in your body. Taking blood work to measure hormone function is like trying to take a census by counting cars on the freeways of Los Angeles. The cars are not reflective of how many people live in LA! Plus it matters what time of day and what day of the week you count the cars!

Same with your Hormones.

Your hormones are not the same every minute of every day. Each of your hormones has its own circadian rhythm, it’s own weekly and monthly rhythm as well as its own seasonal rhythm. So how are you going to know if your hormones are out of balance? Your symptoms are more reflective of your hormones.

Are you sleeping through the night? If not your cortisol, estrogen, and melatonin may be out of balance.

Are you having trouble losing weight? If so, your thyroid hormones, estrogen, cortisol, and insulin may be out of balance.

Are you tired all the time? If so, then your insulin, thyroid hormones specifically T3, and DHEA may be out of balance.

Are you losing your hair? If so, then your DHEA and T3 may be out of balance.

You see how complicated it can be.

You can spend a lot of time and money tweaking each of your hormones. In fact, that’s what most doctors focus on – just one hormone at a time. Yet they all work together. It’s kind of like taking your car into the mechanic. And they fix the one squeak. So you take your car home and then something else goes wrong. So you take it back to the mechanic. And they fix another thing. And then your car won’t start. And now they think you need a whole new transmission! So why didn’t the mechanic look at the whole engine? Why didn’t they just get to the root of the problem and fix it the first time?

The same thing happens when you go to the doctor and they give you a prescription that addresses one symptom. That’s not getting to the root issue. That is a bandage, at best. Because sooner or later, you are going to need an overhaul!

Getting to the root of your hormonal imbalance takes time and some medical detective work. In over 30 years of helping the hormonally challenged, I’ve found that the root of most hormonal imbalances lies in their hypothalamus. Your hypothalamus directs all your hormones as well as your nervous and immune systems. It’s critical to support your hypothalamus to help correct hormonal imbalances. Otherwise you’ll become dependent on hormone supplementation. The goal is to teach your body to make its own hormones. But first you have to support your hypothalamus.

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Research Reference: Hypothalamic regulation of pituitary secretion of luteinizing hormone—II feedback control of gonadotropin secretion, Chronic sleep deprivation-induced proteome changes in astrocytes of the rat hypothalamus, Hypothalamus regulation of energy homeostasis

About the Author - Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

Known as the Hormone Queen®️, I’ve made it my mission to help everyone – no matter their age – balance their hormones, and live the energy and joy their DNA and true destiny desires. See more about me my story here…



  1. Crystal Foster Hunt

    This sounds like an amazing product.
    At sime point I can hopefully purchase and benefit from this product!
    Thank you for all the great information.
    My hormones have been a constant battle for many yrs. Dr’s only tell you what they know not what i fo they are lacking. It really can be a guessing game trying to regain your health.

    • Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

      Thank you. Healing hormones is more of an art than a science since every body is an individual and makes distinct levels of hormones for their health and wellbeing.


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