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5 Pillars of Hypothalamus Healing

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Your hypothalamus is by far the most important gland in your body. It controls all of your systems, as well as brain functioning and the immune system. Your hypothalamus should not be ignored.

More than 20 years ago, I discovered that the hypothalamus was at the root of the majority of my patients’ health problems. Almost no matter what they came in with, whether it was hormonal, neurological, or immune-related, their hypothalamus was at the root of their issue.

But how do you know if your hypothalamus gland is functioning optimally?

As an intuitive integrative family nurse practitioner, I’ve studied both Eastern and Western medicine. Western medicine is all about the matter. If we can measure it, we believe in it.

Eastern medicine believes that energy systems run the body, focusing on power points called chakras. What’s interesting is that there are seven chakras within the human body and they correspond to your seven endocrine glands. 

The East literally meets the West in your endocrine system. Your hormones are the matter by which energy is communicated through your body, and your hypothalamus is the master controller of all biochemical communication.

When you’re under lots of stress, your HPA axis is out of balance.

If you support your adrenal glands without supporting your hypothalamus, you’re missing the mark.

It’s your hypothalamus that is dysregulated by the stress, and it’s only telling the adrenal glands to overproduce cortisol to get you away from the stressor. 

Eventually, your adrenals get fatigued, all because there’s been a miscommunication between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal for a long time. The same thing happens when you go through a hormonal transition like pregnancy or menopause. Your hypothalamus gets dysregulated by the changing hormones. If you’ve been supporting it naturally, you bounce right back, and your hormonal transitions are easy.

So how can you naturally support your hypothalamus healing to avoid dysfunction and ultimately, illness?

With healthy lifestyle measures and supplementation, a lot of your endocrine and hormone issues can get back into balance. It’s usually a lifestyle factor, toxicity, or lack of the appropriate nutrients that throws your hypothalamus out of balance.

Your hypothalamus is the master chakra, controlling all your other endocrine glands, as well as your nervous and immune system. There’s not much that your hypothalamus doesn’t control.

Hypothalamus healing can improve your health in many ways!

So, what else does the hypothalamus control?

Your hypothalamus literally controls your brain. This is because it’s the gatekeeper of all the amino acids that become neurotransmitters, and it’s the main producer of dopamine. Studies show that your hypothalamus controls your moods, your memory, and your cognition.

Now that you know your hypothalamus is critical to your health and wellbeing, what are you going to do about it? How do you possibly heal a gland that most of medicine is totally ignoring? 

The good news is that you can naturally heal your hypothalamus gland without drugs.

The key is to follow the Five Pillars of Hypothalamus Healing.

#1 – Nutraceutical Support

It is incredibly important to naturally support your hypothalamus with nutraceuticals. Before 2003, there were no plant-based nutraceuticals available, only hypothalamic glandulars. But glandulars can only be taken for a maximum of six months before they no longer work, and in fact, are treated by the liver as toxins. So it’s really important that you don’t overuse glandulars.

When I opened my integrative practice in 1997, I was seeing patients with a myriad of symptoms. I was trying to do as much natural treatment as possible with these patients, because that’s what they wanted, and because…

I believe that the body can naturally heal if it’s given the right ingredients. 

After a lot of research, I decided that I needed to focus on the hypothalamus. I started to wonder what could be fed to my patients every single day as foundational support, so the hypothalamus could actually heal. At the time, nothing was available. So I did even more research and meditation and hoped to somehow find answers for my questions in my dreams. And I did. Every night for three months, I dreamt of parts of a nutritional formula that would help heal the hypothalamus.

After years of developing Genesis Gold®, I was finally able to make it available to my patients. It totally transformed my practice. So many of my patients no longer needed multiple supplements, or even medications, to get better. Genesis Gold® helped infertile couples get pregnant, and also made going through the change of life so much easier.

It was pretty incredible.

Truly, it’s never too early to start naturally supporting your hypothalamus gland.

In this modern world with lights on all the time, poor diets, constant stress, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the environment that actually disrupt your hormones and their receptor sites, your hypothalamus needs support.

Your hypothalamus is not going to heal overnight. It takes at least 90 days to start seeing the healing effect in the hypothalamus. And if you have been ill for years, your healing can take longer. But it’s worth it, because you’ll be giving your body what it needs to finally heal.

#2 – Nutrition

Nutrition is also of utmost importance. Lots of people have different opinions about what a healthy diet is, but the best diet for the hypothalamus is the Mediterranean diet. It by far gives you the most healthy fats, adequate amount of protein, and it’s plant-based so you’re getting lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.

#3 – Exercise

Make sure you’re staying active and getting adequate exercise for your body. That includes some kind of aerobic exercise where you get your heart rate up a few times a week, as well as weight resistance and flexibility training. It doesn’t have to be classic gym work in order to do this, but you have to be active. Being sedentary is as dangerous for your health as smoking.

#4 – Sleep

Getting enough sleep for your body is crucial to hypothalamic healing. You must sleep in the complete dark, which means you’re not looking at any digital devices after dusk. I know that’s hard. It’s even hard for me sometimes. But I always noticed that if I look at my phone or get on my iPad before bed, I do not sleep nearly as deeply. I can tell because I don’t remember my dreams. Remembering your dreams is a sign of a healthy circadian rhythm because it means you make enough dopamine in the morning to wake up and remember what you just dreamt. You also want to make sure that your room temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees, because if it’s any hotter than that, you’re not going to sleep as deeply. 

#5 – Mindset

The fifth pillar of hypothalamus healing is adopting a healing mindset. What you believe becomes. If you believe you can be healthy and well, then you can heal. But if you don’t believe, you will not get better. Sometimes, your belief systems are imprinted from your past experiences, and deeply ingrained from your childhood. I have seen absolutely incredible healing with patients who actually shifted their mindset. It takes time, but one of the beautiful things about supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®, is that all of that subconscious garbage, those self-limiting beliefs, come to the surface. Finally, you’re able Genesis Gold helps to naturally heal the hypothalamus to heal because you start to realize why you do the things you do, why you believe the things that you believe, and what might be getting in your way. I’ve had patients tell me that they think Genesis Gold® is therapy in a bottle.

Truly, as an intuitive integrative nurse practitioner, I know that it’s important to address your mind-body connection in order to heal naturally. That’s why I created Genesis Gold® – to heal your hypothalamus, but also to help heal your body and mind. 

Get healthy with Genesis Gold® now. 




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