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3 Tips for Natural Hypothalamic Weight Loss

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If you want to know how to lose weight and stay fit by reprogramming your Hypothalamic weight set point, here are three tips for natural hypothalamic weight loss.

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The Problem with losing weight is Yo-Yo dieting. Every time you diet to try and lose weight your Hypothalamus protects you from what it perceives as starvation by raising your weight set point. Now it may not seem optimal to you, but strict dieting is starving your Hypothalamus. It has your body systems dialed in with the number of calories you normally consume. So when you stop dieting, you immediately put on the weight you lost plus some.

If you follow these three easy Hypothalamus Healing steps, you’re going to reprogram your Hypothalamic Weight set point and lose weight naturally

# 1: Listen to your Gut-Brain for Natural Hypothalamic Weight Loss

Your hypothalamus controls your hunger hormones- ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin increases your hunger. Leptin makes you feel overfull.

Your hypothalamus needs glucose to function and produces ghrelin in response to low blood sugar levels. Leptin is produced by your fat cells when they’re full. It tells your Hypothalamus to stop producing ghrelin. Ghrelin is also produced by your stomach when you’re thirsty. So drink water first when you feel hungry to suppress the production of ghrelin. If you’re still hungry then eat a Light balanced meal. If you still feel hunger pangs after you eat, that means your Hypothalamus hasn’t gotten the glucose it needs. Your food won’t be digested that quickly, so eat a little bit of natural sugar like fruit to suppress Hypothalamic ghrelin production. In my Hormone Reboot Training, there’s a delicious healthy recipe for cocoa energy balls that works great to suppress ghrelin.

# 2: Reset your weight Set Point Naturally

Your weight is set by your hypothalamus. It may not be ideal to you, but it’s the exact weight that your hypothalamus uses to direct all your vital body functions. This includes your metabolism- how fast you burn energy. How you use glucose – how much insulin you produce, how much glucose your liver and muscles store for immediate energy. Even, how much glucose gets stored in your fat cells for later.

The best way to lose body fat and help your Hypothalamus adjust to your gradual weight loss is to follow a Pulsatile insulin resistant diet. Plus add three High-Intensity workouts and one Long Slow Distance a week. A pulsatile insulin resistant diet is basically a low carb paleo diet introducing carbs every five to seven days. The lack of carbs on your insulin resistant diet forces your body to use stored body fat for energy. Then adding carbs intermittently helps prevent your Hypothalamus from slipping into starvation mode and slowing your metabolism.

Then you must expend the energy stored in your fat cells. So three mornings a week do a short HIT workout. Early morning aerobic exercise raises your metabolism for at least twenty-four hours. Your body burns fat after 45 minutes of exercise, so add one long slow distance a week – walking, hiking, cycling. Over an hour will keep you in fat-burning mode. You can find more details on my best fat-burning diet and exercise recommendations in the Hormone Reboot Training.

# 3: Feed your Hypothalamus

Your hypothalamus needs nutrients to do its job properly. If it doesn’t get what it needs, your Hypothalamus will do the best it can for you to survive what it perceives as starvation. Nutraceuticals specifically designed to support your hypothalamus balances your hormones. Balanced adrenal hormones mean a healthier stress response and better fat and protein metabolism. A balanced glucose metabolism means better insulin sensitivity and less fat storage. Balanced thyroid hormones mean a more efficient metabolism. Overall a balanced hypothalamus means a slimmer stronger fitter body.

It’s hard to get all the phytonutrients your hypothalamus needs from your diet alone. That’s why I created Genesis Gold to help my patients get back in balance naturally.

Now you know how to lose Hypothalamic weight yet it’s not easy to lose that inflammatory fat if the rest of your hormones are out of balance. So I created the Hormone Reboot Training for you to discover how to balance the hypothalamus and all your hormones naturally. It’s free!

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