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Healthy Fats = Healthy Hormones

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Healthy hormone production requires healthy fat consumption. Steroid hormones are made from cholesterol. Cell membranes are fatty acid enriched. Hormone receptor sites require omega-3’s for healthy function

Fish oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA which will lead to a reduction of inflammation throughout the body, and help hormones function properly.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers might want to keep a close eye on the next part.

Healthy fat consumption begins in utero. In the last trimester of pregnancy, the fetus gets bathed in DHA which is crucial for neurological development, visual acuity, and cognition. Most American women do not eat enough seaweeds and fish to have adequate DHA available for their unborn children, nor enough to supply in their breast milk.

Babies born to women who do not consume enough healthy fat, specifically DHA have a higher risk of developmental delays and learning disabilities. Studies have shown that healthy DHA supplemented babies reach developmental milestones like sitting, standing, crawling, and walking sooner than infants that go without.

It is recommended that pregnant and nursing mothers supplement themselves with 300mg per day of pure DHA. A sea algae source or a mercury-free fish oil source is recommended. Breastfed infants usually consume enough DHA if the mother is consuming the right amount of DHA.

If infants are formula-fed than it is recommended that DHA be added by introducing 100mg of sea algae source per one bag per day. Adjust the dose if the infant is both formula and breastfed by a mother who is supplementing her diet with 300mg of DHA per day.

For instance, a working mother may only breastfeed her infant once in the morning, once in the evening and once in the middle of the night. The infant may be taking at least 3 bags of formula while the mother works, so the supplemental DHA need is only 50mg.

Unless an infant is solely breastfed by a mother who consumes at least 300mg of DHA per day, then DHA should be supplemented for the first two years of life.

There are vegetarian sources of DHA that come from sea algae.

Capsules of DHA can be poked and squeezed into formula. Once the infant is eating food, mix the DHA into cereal or applesauce, since it doesn’t mix well into formula. DHA supplements for children are often flavored with citrus oils. Citrus should not be fed to infants under 1 year of age as it is an allergen inducing food, like egg whites, chocolate, wheat, strawberries, and cow’s milk.

Start off healthy hormone production for you and your child by supplementing with DHA daily.

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