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Does Your Sweet Preference Influence Your Weight?

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Does your sweet taste preference influence your weight?

Let’s talk about it.

Your hypothalamus controls your glucose metabolism, your hunger, and your weight.

Studies have shown that people with a strong preference for sweets have an increased risk for obesity, as well as metabolic disorders like type two diabetes. The effect of increased sugar intake definitely influences hypothalamic glucose and insulin sensitivity, eventually raising the weight setpoint.

Your hypothalamus contains neurons that are sensitive to glucose.

A tendency toward sweet preference is partially genetic but mostly acquired through the early introduction of high-sugar foods in a child’s diet. The earlier children are exposed to sugar the higher the tendency towards sweet preference of their hypothalamic neurons. 

High childhood sugar intake increases the risk of obesity and type two diabetes.

Hypothalamic glucose receptors influence metabolism and your weight setpoint. Nurture, or how you’re raised, and the dietary choices you make later in life have a stronger influence on hypothalamic glucose tolerance and weight than nature or your genetics.  

One way to test your hypothalamic glucose tolerance is to see the amount of sugar in water before you can taste sweetness.

Studies show that it takes up to two teaspoons of sugar in a cup of water for type two diabetics to notice sweetness. Whereas, people with healthy glucose metabolism and no insulin resistance can perceive the sweetness of just a pinch of sugar in a cup of water.

Supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically can help reverse hypothalamic insulin resistance.

Genesis Gold® helps reduce sweet cravings by sensitizing your hypothalamus to circulating glucose.

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