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Unveiling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Causes and Effective Treatments

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So what are the causes and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome?

Let’s talk about it.

Chronic fatigue syndrome also known as myalgic encephalitis affects over 20 million people worldwide. 

There’s not a single cause for chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, there’s multiple potential etiologies. 

#1 – Infections

One out of 10 people who develop Epstein Barr Virus will develop chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

#2 – Chronic Production of Cytokines

Cytokines are hormones that your immune system produces to elicit an inflammatory immune response and when produced continuously may result in CFS symptoms. 

#3 – Low Functioning Natural Killer Cells

NKCs help you fight off infections and inflammation. 

When NKCs do not function properly to protect you, chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms may develop.  

#4 – Differences in Markers of T Cell Activation

T cells both activate and suppress immune responses to infection. People with CFS have different T cell activity than people without chronic fatigue syndrome.

#5 – Stress and a Dysfunctional Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis

Stress can trigger chronic fatigue syndrome and also make the symptoms much worse. The stress hormone cortisol helps lower inflammation and calms down the immune system. Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have low levels of cortisol causing increase in inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system.

#6 – Genetics

In twin studies and families, genes play a role in the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

So how can you treat chronic fatigue syndrome? 

While conventional medicine treats CFS symptoms, I’ve found in my practice dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome patients for many years that supporting their hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®, and sometimes extra Sacred Seven® amino acids can reduce the inflammation, balance the immune system response, help the HPA Axis normalize, balance cortisol levels, and improve mitochondrial function to increase energy. 

Treating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can help the patient become more functional until the hypothalamus optimizes. For instance, post exertional malaise is an increase of fatigue from stress, emotional, and physical exertion. PEM can be mitigated by having patients pace their activities by recognizing what triggers them and also attempting activity during the time of day they have more energy.

It’s really important with chronic fatigue syndrome to address sleep issues.  Along with practicing good sleep habits, supporting the hypothalamus nutraceutically helps to normalize nocturnal hormones and deepen sleep.

By supporting the hypothalamus the pain associated with CFS can often be mitigated as there’s less immune inflammatory response. 

Depression, anxiety, and poor stress tolerance are often symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome that can be mitigated by hypothalamic support. 

Issues with memory and concentration can be improved with hypothalamic support to increase the production of dopamine. 

Mitigating orthostatic intolerance with fluids and salts, and sometimes compression stockings, can be helpful.

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