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Women have particular health concerns that are a little bit different than men. Yes, we women get similar metabolic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. But our female hormones affect our bodies and brains differently. It’s so important to support our health and make good lifestyle choices, from puberty, through our reproductive years and into perimenopause, menopause and even post-menopause. That way we can live a healthy vital life and have the energy we need to do all the things that we desire. One of the best ways to support your health as a woman is to support your hypothalamus. By supporting your hypothalamus, you help to keep your hormones in better balance. You help to improve your immune function, and you definitely help to balance out your brain chemistry. Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold will help you live your best life and age gracefully.

Estradiol Side Effects

If you’re taking hormonal birth control or hormone replacement therapy, you need to know about the side effects of the most potent form of estrogen - estradiol.  Side effects from estradiol can be annoying, but are controllable if you understand how your hormones...

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Sleep Training for Adults

Sleep Training for Adults

Perhaps you need to do some sleep training. I’ve been helping my daughter sleep train my infant granddaughter. The baby sleep training system we’re using takes 14 days – because that’s how long it takes to set a new habit – for infants and adults. Responding only to crying at regulated times but NOT getting her out of bed, allowing her to put herself to sleep is key.

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The Gift of Menopause

The Gift of Menopause

Oh, yes, there are many gifts of going through the change. I’m not just talking about no longer fussing over periods or worrying about getting pregnant. I’m talking about soul gifts. It’s the challenge of our shifting hormones that becomes the fuel for our...

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Leg Cramp Causes and Remedies

If you want to know what you can do about your hormonally induced leg cramps, I wrote this article for you. Welcome back to my Hormone Healing blog. Today, I will talk about leg cramps and how your hormones induce them and what you can do about this, naturally....

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