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On the other side of Covid

On the other side of Covid

I’ve been writing about surviving this pandemic from as soon as we locked down in mid March. I’ve been following the medical research, watching stats, trying to determine the best way to protect ourselves. But this virus has gotten in the back door.As I write this,...

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What if you test positive for COVID-19?

What if you test positive for COVID-19?

I just consulted with my first coronavirus patient this week. Because we’re on lockdown this was a phone consult. I could hear his wife coughing in the background. So it became a family consult. Like most business people today, he’s a traveling man. And we traced back...

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I’m not afraid of the Coronavirus

I’m not afraid of the Coronavirus

Woke up to more continuous rain. Now I’m not complaining – here in Southern California we need every blessed drop. But it does reflect the mood around these parts... Looks like we’re going to be social distancing in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. No more...

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