Are you Hormonally Challenged™? 

Do you need a Joyous Transformation?


Time for a Healing Circle!









Gather a circle of women and I will come. I will teach you all about your female hormones and how they affect your health, your relationships and your life's purpose. Then I'll plant the seed of Joyous Transformation in each of you! 


I have worked with women of all ages. Girls entering puberty, teenagers discovering their power, young women in their first intimate relationships,  new mothers, menopausal women, grandmothers, women in crisis.


My focus is to help you achieve optimal health in body, mind and soul.


Healing Circles are a perfect way to start. And afterwards, your circle of women will become a great gift to each individual and to your community.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.


I am open to teaching your circle what ever topics are dear to your heart.

I have a special interest in transition times...from childhood to maidenhood, from maiden to mother, from mother to crone.


The perfect number of women for a healing circle is 13, but as little as 5 women and as many as 21 works.


The healing circles are designed to empower you to reach your optimum state of wellness, live your best life, and be open to receive all the abundance of health, wealth, and happiness you deserve. Most importantly, we will learn together to love ourselves.


I am available afterwards to do individual consultations for those who wish to Harmonize their Hormones.


Please contact me at or call 805 640-3341 for more information. 


I look forward to joining you for this Joyous Transformation.





May you have Abundant Health,







Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP