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Why Do So Many Women Grow Facial Hair After Menopause?

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How can you manage your post-menopausal facial hair naturally?

Let’s talk about it. 

The increase in testosterone in post-menopause causes stimulation of facial hair.

Low post-menopausal estrogen levels lead to lower sex hormone binding globulin which frees up natural testosterone from adrenal androgens. Testosterone has to be converted into Dihydrotestosterone to stimulate facial hair growth.

Thankfully there are ways to help lower testosterone as well as Dihydrotestosterone conversion naturally:

1. Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is an herb that is usually used for men’s enlarged prostates, but is very effective for hyperandrogenism in women. This extract is taken orally at a dose of 80 to 160 milligrams a day to reduce testosterone conversion to dihydrotestosterone and reduce the stimulation of facial hair. 

2. Bioidentical Estrogen

Bioidentical estrogen, particularly estradiol, can help to raise sex hormone binding globulin, which will bind circulating testosterone leaving very little free to convert to dihydrotestosterone and that will help to prevent postmenopausal facial hair. 

3. Progesterone

Always use progesterone when you’re taking estrogen. And more importantly, using Gen-Pro™ topically, directly on the facial hair follicles can help to block dihydrotestosterone and eventually destroy the follicles.

I recommend Gen-Pro™ because it’s the bioidentical progesterone that I have used with my patients for over 30 years.

Just a minuscule amount of cream placed topically at the base of the facial hair will help to suppress and eradicate postmenopausal facial hair over four to six weeks. 

4. Genesis Gold®

Supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically with Genesis Gold® will help to reduce your circulating androgens that stimulate facial hair growth and balance out your sex hormones naturally. 

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