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Discover What No Doctor Tells You About Menopause

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Here’s what no doctor tells you…

Let’s talk about what your hypothalamus is doing in menopause. 

Did you know that all the symptoms of menopause except vaginal dryness are related to hypothalamic dysfunction due to low hormones in menopause.

Your hypothalamus is the key.

It controls your temperature.

So when your estrogen levels and progesterone levels start to fall, you start to get hot flashes and night sweats.

Your hypothalamus controls your cognition and memory.

So menopausal brain fog is directly related to hypothalamic dysfunction.

It controls your moods, anxiety, depression, and emotional stability.

So when your hypothalamus is dysfunctional in menopause, you’re going to have more mood swings.

Your hypothalamus controls your circadian rhythm.

So when you’re suffering from insomnia in menopause, it’s because your hypothalamus is dysfunctional.

It controls your metabolism.

That includes energy production from the mitochondria, thyroid production of T3 hormone, satiety, hunger, and how much fat is stored in your adipose cells. If your hypothalamus is dysfunctional, your metabolism lowers and you start to gain weight, especially around your middle.

Your hypothalamus controls your bone density.

As well as anabolic hormones that contribute to muscle mass.

In menopause, hypothalamic dysfunction can cause loss of muscle mass and bone mass. 

Supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically with Genesis Gold® is the key to improving your metabolism, your memory, cognition, moods, sleep, and temperature regulation.

Of course, you may need additional bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, but starting with Genesis Gold® at four grams per 50 pounds of body weight is key to optimizing hypothalamic function during menopause and keeping your dependence on HRT down.

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