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Hypothalamus Dysfunction

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What is hypothalamus dysfunction? Let’s talk about it.

When your hypothalamus isn’t happy, it’s called hypothalamus dysfunction. 

Hypothalamus dysfunction is defined as insufficient production of hypothalamic hormones.

Firstly, without adequate hypothalamus hormones, pituitary function is diminished. Secondly, poor hypothalamus function affects all lower endocrine glands – thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testes, pancreas as well as your pineal gland. 

It affects brain function, immune function, digestion, metabolism and circadian rhythm. It also affects thermoregulation, appetite, energy, mood and memory. 

How prevalent is hypothalamus dysfunction? 

Well, it’s more common than most people realize.

If you’ve ever had a traumatic brain injury, there’s up to 80% likelihood you may have hypothalamus dysfunction.

Are you a woman who does not have periods? There’s a 35% chance your secondary amenorrhea is caused by hypothalamus dysfunction.

If you are a childhood cancer survivor, there’s a 40% chance you have it.

And if you’re female, you have twice the likelihood that your hypothalamus is dysfunctional following a brain injury.

While the majority of hypothalamic dysfunction affects the HPA axis, which influences adrenal function, all aspects of hypothalamus function can be affected.

Vasopressin and oxytocin production is suppressed.
Dopamine levels fall, and prolactin rises.
Sex hormones become imbalanced.
Thyroid function is affected.

Moreover, your sleep is disturbed, your energy is low, and your moods and memory are affected.  

To sum it up, your hypothalamus controls every vital system of your body. It affects everything when it’s not functioning properly.

Thankfully it is possible to treat. I utilize five pillars to optimize hypothalamus function. One of which is the support of your hypothalamus nutraceutically. Treating patients with hypothalamus dysfunction is how I came to create Genesis Gold®. It’s the only plant based nutraceutical designed to deal with hypothalamic dysfunction.

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