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Emotions and Healing

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How do your emotions affect your health and healing?

Let’s talk about it.

Before the germ theory, it was long believed that emotional or mental states affected physical states. With the invention of the microscope, doctors noticed that microbes caused some diseases. For decades medicine has been searching for tangible causes of illness. Yet modern research shows that emotions also affect your health and healing. 

We know that patients with depressive disorder have an increased risk for metabolic disorders including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. People with anxiety disorder have an increased risk for hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. People undergoing long-term stress have an increased risk for sleep disorders and even cancer.

So yes, your emotions affect your health as strongly as physical triggers.

When working with a patient trying to figure out the root of their health issue, I try to get them biochemically back in balance by eradicating physical triggers and recommending lifestyle changes that will help them to heal. Yet if I don’t address psycho-emotional issues, true healing doesn’t occur. 

How you feel affects how you heal.

When you get a diagnosis of an illness, examine how that makes you feel.

Books have been written about the association between illnesses and emotion – relating shame, guilt, anger, and fear to different body parts. I believe there are two aspects of emotion – fear or love. The negative emotions are rooted in fear, the positive emotions are based on love. Identifying the emotions associated with your disease – perhaps learned from past experiences, helps you acknowledge its effect on your health.

You might have to wade through the surface emotion to find the root of fear. Many people find that reprogramming their neuroendocrine system helps release the negative emotion. Acknowledging and releasing the emotion underlying your disease actually helps start the healing process. 

I associate fear with darkness.

Identifying the fear is like shining a light on what’s really going on underlying the illness. Your hypothalamus is the gatekeeper of your emotional-physiological responses. 

When my patients begin to support their hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®, it becomes easier for them to identify, release and reprogram the negative emotion feeding their illness. They begin to recognize the symbolism of their disease as well as what emotions are underlying the disease preventing them from healing.  With the help of Genesis Gold, it’s like they’re shining a light in the darkness.

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