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Are You Exhausted? The Prolactin Connection

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What’s the impact of prolactin on your health?

Let’s talk about it. 

Prolactin is a really important hormone but usually not measured.

Prolactin is produced by the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary at night. High levels of prolactin during the day or dyscircadian hyperprolactinemia is seen in patients with autoimmunity, obesity, immune system dysregulation, and hypersensitivity. 

Hyperprolactinemia means your prolactin levels are way above normal day and night. This can be caused by a hypothalamic dopamine deficiency because it’s dopamine that turns off prolactin. A pituitary microadenoma can also overproduce prolactin. 

It is important to keep your prolactin levels in circadian rhythm.

  • High daytime prolactin levels can cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and slow metabolism leading to weight gain.
  • Infertility can be caused by high prolactin levels.
  • High prolactin also blocks hormone receptor sites which will interfere with the activity of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, as well as adrenal steroids. 

To reduce prolactin, you must raise dopamine.

In order to raise dopamine naturally, you have to support your hypothalamus. Hypothalamic dopamine is the key regulator of prolactin. Optimal hypothalamic function means you produce enough prolactin at night to modulate your immune system, but low levels during the day to prevent blocking hormone receptors, 

Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold® will help to normalize hypothalamic production of prolactin to optimal levels, reset your circadian rhythm, improve immune function and prevent hormone dysregulation from high prolactin levels. 

If you have a documented pituitary adenoma, you may need a dopamine agonist to lower your prolactin levels. 

Otherwise getting enough sleep in the dark helps to reset your circadian rhythm and induce nocturnal prolactin production. Then getting up with the sun will help to suppress daytime prolactin so that you have healthy normal metabolism during the day.

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