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Do Vibrators Help Pelvic Floor Muscles?

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Yes, vibrators help pelvic floor muscles in women. A recent study on sexual health and urinary incontinence has shown that women’s vaginal tone and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles are improved by regular use of a vibrator. 

The vibrators must be those that insert into the vagina.

Toning muscles with vibration is not new.  In the 50s, exercise enthusiasts swore by vibrating machines to keep in shape.  The concept of use it or lose it is applied to other parts of the body. If you do not use the pelvic floor muscles, they lose tone just like other parts of the body. Yet there’s a stigma associated with masturbation and vibrators. 

Surveys have shown that over half of women between 18 and 60 use vibrators both with a partner and solo. If you’re not comfortable using a vibrator, this is a discussion you can have with your healthcare provider on whether or not a vibrator would help to improve your pelvic floor tone. Similarly, it can help to improve your vaginal tone and help with urinary incontinence. 

Because of its effectiveness, electrical stimulation is used in physical therapy of the pelvic floor.

Vibrators help pelvic floor muscles by creating a similar effect causing muscle contraction. But using vibrators does not replace kegels exercises. Vibrators are definitely an option for women who have sexual issues especially with orgasm as vibrator use has been shown to promote more satisfying orgasms. 

Using a vibrator is something for you to consider especially if you have a weak pelvic floor, poor vaginal tone, or urinary incontinence. If you have any questions, please join me in our Hormone Support Group. You get access to it through my free Hormone Reboot Training.

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