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Loving Yourself Enough To Let Go

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I encourage my patients to literally clean out their closets. When they have felt stuck, reliving old issues over and over again. Seemingly making no progress. I encourage them to see this stuckness as a sign. Therefore, it’s time to clean their dwelling place. Start with the physical. Yes, their homes.

We all have stuff in our closets. Old stuff that once served us but no longer fits, no longer useful. Stuff we don’t need anymore. Stuff that’s just taking up space. So if you haven’t used it for at least two years, you probably won’t. Give it away. Sell it if you must. But get it out of your closets, out of your cupboards, out of your home.

Lighten up and make room for the new.

Cleaning out our homes at the physical level will help us clean out ourselves. And this time I’m not talking about a liver cleanse. I’m talking about cleaning out our psycho-spiritual closets.

Those old beliefs in our consciousness. You know the ones:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I don’t deserve better.
  • I’m alone.
  • Good things do not happen to me.
  • I’m worthless.
  • No one loves me.
  • How can they? I don’t even love myself.

We all have these imprinted beliefs. Perhaps we’ve lived a life highlighting these beliefs. Maybe we were imprinted with these negative beliefs in childhood. Perhaps we came into this life with these feelings.

Either way. These NOT GOOD ENOUGH beliefs lie deep in our consciousness and are often at the root of our real problem. Our health problems. Financial problems. Relationship problems. Problems being happy and feeling love.

So let’s clear our closets. Let’s let go of that which no longer serves us.

No one really likes change. We get too comfortable where we are. Even if where we are is not in our best interest. So it takes the Divine to give us the boot! Right out of our comfort zone and into a new reality.

We suffer because we don’t know how to transform ourselves gracefully.

Whatever you desire. Write it down.

And then fold up the paper and write one word that comes to you on the outside of the folded paper. One word that represents all that you desire.

I challenge each and every one of you to write down on a piece of paper everything in your closet that does not serve you. Everything… What are you ready to release?

  • Your fear? Write it down.
  • You’re not good enough? Write it down.
  • Your feelings of worthlessness? Write it down.
  • Your poverty? Write it down
  • Your loveless life? Write it down.
  • Your poor health? Write it down.

Now. Hold that piece of paper in your hand. Close your eyes. And express your gratitude for these negative beliefs. Yes, thank them! You cannot release them in anger. They will come back to stick to you like a burr. Release them with gratitude and they will release you.

Now. Once you are finished expressing your thankfulness for all the old beliefs you have written down that no longer serve you, it is time to burn that paper. You can bury it as well. But I prefer to release the smoke of what I no longer need into the universe. It will be transformed into something else. Something better.

Then, get another piece of paper and write down everything you desire.

I desire love.

I desire joy.

To be debt free—financially and with Karma.

I desire to be my best self.

Whatever you desire. Write it down. And then fold up the paper and write one word that comes to you on the outside of the folded paper. One word that represents all that you desire.






Let that one word be your mantra for the rest of the year. Place the paper on your altar, under or near a candle, by a sacred object. Wherever you feel is most appropriate for this little piece of paper that holds your hope.

Your mantra is a seed of energy you plant in your consciousness.

Writing down your intentions and referring to them throughout the year is watering and fertilizing that seed. All so it might grow. Some seeds take a long time to sprout. Some grow into trees that take a long time to fruit.

May this time find you nurturing your mantra seed. May your life be filled with great joy, with love, with beauty and with blossoms that attract butterflies of hope.

Excerpt from “My LoveDance

My LoveDance book

Research reference: Neural circuit that drives physical responses to emotional stress found

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