You may know what you need to do, but do you do it? Really? Have you ever started a diet and you find that you are good for a few days, maybe a week or so, and then you start slipping? In the end, you gain back more weight than you lost?

A few years ago, a young woman consulted with me. She really wanted to lose weight, about fifty pounds. I was even more concerned about her dangerously high body fat composition. Yet I sensed that she was not ready to heal yet. But I dug in anyhow, got to the root of her metabolic issue, which was a hypothalamic-pituitary miscommunication that kept her metabolism low, so that practically everything she ate was stored as fat.  Her blood work revealed insulin resistance, so I prescribed an insulin resistant diet and my simple HIT exercise, just fifteen minutes three times a week so she could fit it into her busy life. Plus I recommended some natural supplements to enhance her cellular sensitivity to insulin to support her fat loss and help raise her metabolism. Then she kind of fell off the bandwagon.

She came back earlier this year and admitted she did not follow through.  But she wanted to start again and asked for help implementing her health recovery plan. Now she was ready to deal with the deeper psycho-spiritual roots of why she sabotaged herself. So we did some soul searching, focusing on the early imprinting she experienced in childhood. You see her mother fed her a sugar laden diet that led to prepubescent obesity yet the key was that my patient was unconsciously mimicking her mother’s hatred for her own body.

She did not know how to love herself enough to take care of her. So, we went back to a clear image of her a little girl and encouraged her to mother that little girl with lots of love, attention, play and nourishing foods. And most importantly, I plugged her into a special community, the Hormone Healing Circle, that really helped her stay focused and love herself enough to do what she needed to do to get healthy. Because it takes a village to raise a child.

Hormone Healing Tip: Join a Supportive Community

And this patient allowed the Hormone Healing Circle to help her raise herself with compassionate support. When she was feeling challenged and reached for cookies to comfort herself like her mother did when she was little, she brought her concerns to the group. And they were there for her in healthy uplifting ways. She’s no longer alone on her healing journey. And she has finally started losing weight and is keeping it off!

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