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DNA – Playing the Hand you are Dealt

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Nicholas was not progressing. Still using sign language to communicate at the age of three. So, his mother was concerned. I helped deliver Nicholas. His mother was one of my OB patients who followed me to my Intuitive Integrative Medical practice. She hoped I could help. Nicholas’ mother did everything possible for her son. She gave him special vitamins designed for children like him. Nicholas has Down Syndrome.

His doctors thought that his mother’s expectations were too high. But, I believed in her maternal intuition. There was more that could be done to help her son.

“Was he tested for lead?”

His mother shook her head, “No. The pediatrician didn’t think it was necessary since we live in a brand new house.”

So, my medical intuition told me that Nicholas’ delay was more than his chromosomal anomaly. Something was blocking his cell receptors. I suspected heavy metals. Plus, Nicholas’ family lived in an area where food is grown around the freeway. The soil is impregnated by the residue of leaded gasoline. So, we tested him for heavy metals.

And his lead levels were off the charts. I treated Nicholas. Meanwhile, just after the first round, he began to talk. By the time we were done, Nicholas’ speech had surpassed his mother’s expectations.

To be safe, I also tested Nicholas’ older brother and his parents for lead. Although they lived in the same house, ate the same food, drank the same water, only Nicholas had lead poisoning. Why?

Because the chromosomal anomaly which makes up Down Syndrome affects the detoxification pathways.

Nicholas was born with one too many chromosomes. Chromosomes are our genetic material. Our DNA. When DNA is damaged, it affects our body’s function. Therefore, Nicholas could not get the lead out of his system and the lead affected the speech center in his brain.

Once we treated Nicholas, I started him on Genesis Gold®. All to help him detoxify heavy metals and other toxins he might be exposed to.

Your DNA is not set in stone.

Were you taught that you are stuck with the genes you were born with? That’s not true. Your DNA transforms throughout your life. Most of us were born with one-third of our DNA turned on. One-third expresses itself in you. The color of your eyes, the freckles on your skin, your bone structure, your keen hearing, and your poor eyesight. Therefore, almost everything about your physical being is expressed by just one-third of your DNA.

Your genotype is your genetic potential. Your phenotype is what your DNA is actively expressing. For instance, you can have the genotype for either blue eyes or brown eyes. You have genes for blue eyes from your mother and brown eyes from your father. But, your eyes are green. The color of your eyes is your phenotype. Blue eye genes and brown eye genes are your Genotype. Your genetic potential.

So, if only one-third of your DNA is on, what about the other two-thirds? When the human genome was first opened, genetic scientists called the unexpressed two-thirds of our DNA “junk DNA”.


There is no junk. Every single gene has a purpose. We just don’t understand it all. But it’s not junk. Research has shown that when scientists remove the junk DNA from the fertilized ovum of animals and let the genes known for creating fruit flies, frogs, cats, nothing developed. No larvae, no tadpoles, no kittens. Apparently, the unexpressed DNA is not junk. Therefore, it’s needed for life.

So what is it? Well, some of the unexpressed DNA is what was. Your unexpressed DNA is what served your ancestors in the past. Like a really long time ago.

Think of DNA like a deck of cards.

You are dealt a certain hand. It may be a good hand. It may be a bad hand. It’s all how you play your hand that determines if you win the game. Meaning nature, the DNA you’re born with, is influenced by nurture, how you’re raised. And how you choose what you can do with it.

Now, some of the unexpressed DNA is what will be. What you might need in the future.

For instance, humans have DNA that is the same as what lizards use to regrow their tails. Wow! What if that got expressed? People who lost limbs might be able to regrow them.

In conclusion, your DNA is not set in stone. There is so much potential for healing in your DNA. It is always changing.

Excerpt from Award Winning Book Hormones in Harmony®.

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