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Creating Our Reality is just like making Bread

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Sometimes it seems like life just happens to you. Yet quantum physics has proven that You happen to Life. What do I mean?

Well, everything you think, what you believe, even that which is in your subconscious, affects your world. You’ve seen this happen. When you’re in hurry to get somewhere and you see something is out of place and you think “I should take care of that” but you don’t… like picking up the shoes so the new puppy doesn’t chew them…and then return to find the shoes chewed up.

Every idea you have is like a seed.

Sometimes it sprouts right away, sometimes it takes time to manifest. The ideas you focus on are more likely to thrive whether you want them to or not. Like when you worry about something and then it happens. Like my young patient who worried so much about getting breast cancer like her aunt, that six months later she had a tumor in her breast. She was only fifteen. And her aunt was not even a blood relative. She had no medical risk factors…but she believed she would get breast cancer. That’s how powerful your mind is.

Creating our reality is more like baking bread.

You start with a seed idea. You grind that seed into flour by focusing on your idea, thinking about the pros, the cons, the possibilities. But it’s not bread yet, just flour. Not fully manifested…still an idea, an intention, a dream.

Let’s say you’re really good at something and you have a promising idea – wouldn’t it be great to teach others how to do what you do? What would that look like? Would you teach them in person or online? How would you be a able to transmit what you know so they can be successful too? You go over and over the possibilities. Grinding your seed idea into fine flour.

It takes a catalyst like yeast to bring life to flour to create bread. It takes a catalytic event in your life to bring your idea to manifestation. Maybe something traumatic like an accident, or a synchronistic meeting with a significant person, or a great need like losing a job. Something acts as a catalyst, a spark, to get your idea going.

Now back to your idea to teach others. Your idea is well thought out maybe for years now, but it’s not until your company lets you go before you really need to make your idea reality.  This is the catalytic event that shifts everything.

Yet flour and yeast aren’t enough. There’s one more ingredient in making bread. Water.

Water is like your passionate emotion that brings your idea into manifestation. Oh, you will manifest. By the emotion in which you water it will your idea become. If you’re fearful, your idea may bring you more to be fearful about. That’s why it’s best to choose love. Try to be positive and optimistic rather than negative and pessimistic.

Now back to your teaching idea. Now you’re scared. Will it really work? Can you make a living at teaching others? You take a deep breath and calm down. Choose love and focus on the positive. Trust that it will work and manifest in ripe timing.

And then the dough formed by the flour, yeast, and water must be kneaded. Just like you have lots of opportunity to work on your idea. The events in your life that force you to experiment with your idea and sometimes make you have to go back to the drawing board are life’s way of kneading your dough. Working the thought or idea with the catalyst and your emotion.

You’re up at night considering everything that goes into teaching others. You mull it over. You may talk to friends. Perhaps you get a mentor. And then you let it rest.

Like waiting for the dough to rise, there is a quiet time when you just let your fledgling idea grow on its own.

You need to put it aside and let it become. For those of us who are impatient, this seemingly still time seems like nothing is happening. But the catalyst is bubbling life energy into every bit of the dough. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon – a butterfly is forming.

Your idea to teach now has a viable plan. You’ve been doing the research and there’s others interested in learning form you. Yes, you had to get another job to pay the bills, but this is your passion. The other job forces you to let it rest for awhile.

Sometimes a great well worked passionate idea does not manifest right away. It seems to take forever to rise. Yet one day, you know it’s time. The dough has risen. It’s time to bake bread. Your idea is ready.

Then one day, you’re approached by a friend of a friend who asks you to please teach them what you know. And you have your first student. Your idea has become a reality. We are creating our reality.

So how can you use this bread making concept to manifest health?

That’s what I teach in the Hormone Healing Circle. How to heal yourself. Just like I’ve been teaching my patients, but in an online group setting. Healing is an art. It takes practice to learn to work with your body and listen to its innate wisdom.

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