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Nina was sent to me for a psycho-spiritual healing. She had advanced stage IV head and neck cancer and there was nothing medicine could do for her. A lovely blond woman in her late forties, Nina sat quietly before me, a cupcake-sized tumor protruding from her neck. I took her hands in mine.

“Nina, if you are finished here on earth, I’ll help you transition. If you’re not ready to die, I’ll help you live. It’s your choice.”

Tearing up, she smiled at me, “I’m not ready to die.”

“Ok. Then we’ve got some work to do.”

Conventional therapy of radical surgery and radiation would have given her a few years, but a very poor quality of life – inability to eat, to speak, to hear, facial paralysis, and blindness. Nina chose an alternative route. Without much hope for her advanced cancer since her diagnosis, Nina exhausted all the complementary cancer treatments she could on her own.

What Nina hadn’t explored was the psycho-spiritual root of her dis-ease. It became clear to me during our first two-hour consult that Nina had planted a death wish a long time ago and it was related to her mother.

“What happened when your mother died?”

Nina admitted to being so devastated at the death of her beloved mother some 20 years earlier that she just wanted to die, too. But Nina had a young daughter of her own, so she stayed. But she never got over her grief. And that death seed got planted deep in her subconscious just waiting to blossom.

Now, of course, there were other things that contributed to Nina’s cancer. She smoked in her youth. Her diet wasn’t great. She was exposed to heavy metals in her line of work. And her mother did die of breast cancer.

Yet how many people have all these exposures and live long dis-ease free lives. Is it good genes? Or is it an attitude?

Belief becomes. We manifest what we believe. If we believe we will die young, age like our parents, get the same diseases as they did, then we probably will. And if we live their same lifestyle, then it’s even more likely we will succumb to the family curse – be it cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s.

You can change your destiny through your lifestyle choices and your beliefs.

My work with Nina was to explore her beliefs that seeded her vulnerability to cancer and to find out what she had to live for. Nina really wanted to live long enough to see her daughter graduate from college and get married.

So I helped Nina have the highest quality life possible. She faithfully did all her homework. Yes, I give my patients homework – things to read, to meditate on, affirmations, lifestyle changes.

Nina attended her daughter’s college graduation, and then a year later danced at her daughter’s wedding. And when she had completed these goals, Nina was done. I then spent time helping her family let her go. She died peacefully at home nearly five years after we first met, some seven years longer than the doctors originally gave her.

Nina’s daughter is still one of my sweetest patients. The same age as my children, she’s open to my maternal love and advice. They all feel like family to me. Full Circle Family Health has provided me the space to help my patients from birth to death. It’s a privilege to heal body, mind, and soul.


This is the hardest part of the treatment. Finding what may be underlying my patient’s dis-ease at a psycho-spiritual level takes some finesse. Thankfully, balancing their hypothalamus with Genesis Gold® can deepen their sleep, and often their subconscious reveals the truth to them in dreams.

As I get to know a patient, their core issue becomes apparent, and when they are ready to deal with it, we do. Sometimes I am blessed to have a new patient come to me for a consult and they are so ripe (ready to heal) that I can “see” what their core issue is, speak it, and the patient says, “Yes, that makes sense!” Healing is much faster when we deal with the psycho-spiritual along with the physical.

Dis-ease is your body’s way of talking to you. I’d rather your body whisper than scream what it needs. That’s why I created Genesis Gold®, to help us know more clearly what our bodies need to be optimally well. I call it becoming innate.

excerpt from Hormones in Harmony®

About the Author - Deborah Maragopolous FNP

Known as the Hormone Queen®️, I’ve made it my mission to help everyone – no matter their age – balance their hormones, and live the energy and joy their DNA and true destiny desires. See more about me my story here…



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