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What Causes PCOS? | How To Avoid PCOS Naturally

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Ever wonder what might be the cause of your PCOS? Well, we are going to go over the three main causes so that you understand a little bit better, in our ongoing blog topic: PCOS.  Primarily, it is important to understand the genetics of PCOS. If you have a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, even a sister that has PCOS, you are more likely to develop PCOS. PCOS is basically a genetic factor very similar to diabetes and heart disease.

Hormone Healing Tip 1: Genetics can Indicate PCOS

Those same genes that run cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and diabetes affect PCOS. Because those genes can be affected by lifestyle, diet, exercise, or supplementation, you can actually change the way the genetics are expressed. Meaning that just because your mother has PCOS does not necessarily mean you have to have PCOS. Your DNA, or your genetics, is really like playing a hand of cards. You are dealt out a certain variety of genes, or cards. How you play those cards determines whether or not you are going to stay in the game.

So you may have the PCOS tendency in your genetics, but if you live a lifestyle that does not promote inflammation, you live a lifestyle that is stress-free, you live a lifestyle that promotes healthy hormones, then you will not develop PCOS. So, the genetics of PCOS is just one of three different causes of PCOS.

Hormone Healing Tip 2: Stress Triggers PCOS

Number two is stress triggers PCOS. If you have the DNA for PCOS and you are under very high levels of stress, because the adrenal glands are a huge issue in PCOS, producing too much DHEA or the androgenic adrenal hormone. High-stress levels raise that hormone level up and will actually trigger PCOS. PCOS is irregular cycles. You end up having hirsutism or hairiness that is caused by the high levels of DHEA, which converts over to male hormone, or testosterone. You can have increased acne and increased weight gain around your middle. That is all caused by high-stress hormones.

Because stress triggers PCOS, you can actually help to reduce stress and actually reverse PCOS symptoms and actually reverse PCOS by reducing your stress. Meditation and breathing exercises can actually help reduce the stress and reduce the symptoms of PCOS.

Hormone Healing Tip 3: Diet Contributes to PCOS

Number three, your diet contributes to PCOS. Because PCOS genetically is similar to diabetes and insulin resistance, those females, who actually eat very high levels of sugar and starches and they do not exercise enough to burn that off, can develop PCOS. They will develop the insulin resistance that we see in PCOS, where their cell receptors are not receptive to insulin in sugar, and that forces more and more of that insulin in sugar to go to the fat cells around their middle rather than using it as energy.

So reducing your carbohydrates in your diet, especially those starchy carbs like pastas and breads and the sugars, makes a huge difference in whether or not you are going to develop PCOS. So, three things, genetics, stress, and diet, are all potential PCOS causes, and you can prevent PCOS by actually reducing your stress and eating a healthy insulin-resistant type diet. Thank you.

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