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PCOS Natural Treatment | 3 Natural Ways to Help You Get Pregnant

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If you have PCOS and want to know how to get pregnant naturally — Then this video is for you.

Make sure to subscribe so I can help you get your Hormones in Harmony and optimize your health. Today I’m going to explain you how get pregnant even if you have polycystic ovary syndrome.

#1: Get Healthy From the Inside-Out

PCOS is a metabolic syndrome that affects hormone production and fertility. PCOS is also associated with insulin resistance and systemic inflammation. Your hypothalamus won’t let you get pregnant if your hormones are out of balance. An inflamed body is not a safe environment for a fetus. So it’s important to reduce inflammation, get all your hormones in balance – ovarian and adrenal – and reverse your insulin resistance. Getting regular aerobic exercise, sleeping in the dark, and eating a low-carb diet can help reverse insulin resistance. A colorful plant-based diet rich in healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds can help reduce systemic inflammation.

#2: Support Your Hypothalamus to Regulate Your Periods

One of the fastest ways, my PCOS patients are able to get healthy and get pregnant is to support their hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®. Before Genesis Gold® was available, my PCOS patients spent years and lots of money on infertility treatments like intrauterine insemination and in-vitro fertilization. By addressing their innate hormonal imbalance with phytonutrient-rich Genesis Gold®, most women start menstruating on their own. If they have eggs left and do not have blocked Fallopian tubes, they can get pregnant without medical intervention.

It takes a few months to regulate their menstrual cycles, but most get pregnant on their own.

#3: Use Bioidentical Progesterone to Prevent Miscarriage

By the second trimester of a healthy pregnancy, the placenta makes enough progesterone to maintain the uterine lining. Until then, your ovaries must make enough progesterone to prevent miscarriage. Even with regular periods, women with PCOS may not make enough progesterone.

Many women with PCOS will spontaneously abort the fetus because they don’t make enough progesterone. So supplementing with BHRT in the form of Bioidentical Progesterone can help prevent miscarriage. Now if there is something wrong with the fetus that is not compatible with life, progesterone will not keep you pregnant. Even in my patients whose periods get back on track with Genesis Gold®, I prescribe bioidentical progesterone to support a healthy uterine lining until their placenta can take over after fourteen weeks.

Now you know how to get pregnant with PCOS yet it’s not easy to make all these lifestyle changes without support. So I created the Hormone Reboot Training for you to discover how to balance your hormones and get the support you need to heal. It’s free!

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