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What is a Menopause Action Plan?

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What IS a Menopause Action Plan? I’m more than happy to tell you.

A Menopause Action Plan, or MAP, is a plan for what you want to do to help yourself survive the symptoms of hormonal decline. And thrive during and after the change of life.

As an integrative nurse practitioner who’s helped thousands of women through the change, I know that a personalized MAP is essential. A Menopause Action Plan goes over all the details of your personal life, hormonal history, reproductive life, family history, risk factors, genetics, and lifestyle. Everything you have done in your life and every choice you’ve made contributes to how you might experience menopause. 

A Menopause Action Plan allows you to make informed, knowledgeable decisions on treatment.

This includes alternative therapies, bioidentical hormones, or pharmaceutical treatments. So you are well-equipped to partner with your healthcare provider to get the help you need. A MAP is vital for you to have the best experience possible while going through the change. Your MAP includes the biological and chemical changes in your body. As well as the psychological and energetic spiritual changes that occur as your hormones decline. 

Whether you’re amid menopause or already postmenopausal, you need a Menopause Action Plan.

Even in the pre-menopausal years, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Your Menopause Action Plan is personalized for you. It’s not your mother’s plan. Not your friend’s plan. It’s not your doctor’s plan. It’s your Menopause Action Plan! If you’d like to create one for yourself, my Menopause Action Plan book is your essential guide to thrive during the change.

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