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The BEST Menopause Supplements You Should Be Taking

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When you’re suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings) you’ll do anything to feel better. Unfortunately, treating just these symptoms will not help the root of the issue. The ultimate goal when you’re going through “the change” is to get back in balance, and more specifically, to support your hypothalamus. 

When your hormones start entering perimenopause, your hypothalamus becomes severely out of balance. This becomes an issue because your hypothalamus controls all the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, low libido.

The best way you can get back in balance once you hit menopause is by taking supplements that support your entire hormonal system. These supplements will focus on the boss of your body, your hypothalamus. Here I describe the best menopause supplements to take.

Firstly, there’s no single vitamin, mineral, or herb that can support you through menopause.

Herbal remedies, such as estrogenic black cohosh, androgenic maca, or progestational chaste berry may temporarily relieve symptoms. But they will not support your hypothalamus for optimal health, and can actually cause more imbalance.

Secondly, Your number one goal during menopause should be to balance your hypothalamus.

The best way to do this is by taking a nutraceutical. It is designed to support your hypothalamus’ whole function. Otherwise, you will always be chasing symptoms.

Your hypothalamus needs specific nutrients to do its job. These include a unique blend of specific amino acids and an array of phytonutrients from sea vegetation. They also include sprouted whole plant foods to optimize hormone metabolism and function. Thirdly, You need an herbal blend that’s designed to increase your longevity and protect your cells.

Until 2003, there wasn’t anything on the market to lend great hypothalamic support. That’s why I created Genesis Gold® — to support the hypothalamus in all of its functions. This includes regulation of sleep cycles, temperature, moods, weight, and libido.

The best menopause supplement is Genesis Gold®. It provides your hypothalamus with exactly what it needs to start functioning optimally again. 

This includes:

  • A special hypothalamic amino acid blend, designed to balance your adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones. This helps reduce hot flashes and aids in graceful aging.
  • Whole plant phytonutrients increase mitochondrial energy production. They optimize your basal metabolic rate and help maintain optimal menopause weight.
  • A special herbal blend to help your body fight off infection, decrease menopausal hypersensitivity, decrease allergy reactions, and suppress autoimmunity.
  • Digestive aids (including enzymes and broad-spectrum probiotics) to help your menopausal digestive tract better digest and absorb nutrients from food.
  • Specific phytonutrients enhance detoxification pathways in your liver, kidneys, and cells. They will help you metabolize hormones safely.
  • Amino acids and phytonutrients stabilize moods, deepen sleep, enhance memory, and improve focus and concentration.

In conclusion, with the help of Genesis Gold®, menopause can be so much easier. You’ll have more energy, more motivation, a stronger sex drive, deeper sleep, and less stress. Your body will stay strong and healthy, and you’ll be able to live your best life.

If you want to learn more about how to heal your hypothalamus naturally, join our Hormone Support Group. This can be accessed through our Hormone Reboot Training.

About the Author - Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

Known as the Hormone Queen®️, I’ve made it my mission to help everyone – no matter their age – balance their hormones, and live the energy and joy their DNA and true destiny desires. See more about me my story here…



  1. Grace

    Love this product But I think I am having a reaction to the Stevia in the Genius Gold. Please help!

      • helen

        HI Deborah,
        What is equivalent to Genesis Gold that I can buy in Australia, because it will cost me 300 dollars and it wont get through customs.Thank you Helen


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