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Menopause and Memory Issues

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Why do menopausal women have memory issues? Let’s talk about it.

A severe impairment of cognitive function characterizes dementia. Mild cognitive impairment represents a transition between normal cognition and dementia. The frequency of cognitive changes is higher in women than in men. Cognitive complaints are more common near menopause

60% of middle-aged women may suffer from problems with concentration and memory issues peaking during perimenopause. 

Menopausal insomnia, depression, and hot flashes may contribute to cognitive decline. Changes in memory correspond with diminished sex hormone production.

Estrogen and progesterone levels decline rapidly during menopause. Estrogen helps stimulate nerve growth while progesterone helps keep neurons myelinated. The myelin sheath is like insulation to keep nerve impulses firing appropriately.

Researchers have identified four profiles of cognitive function a menopausal woman may experience:

  • Normal cognition
  • Weakness in verbal learning and memory (the ability to learn new information and retain it over time)
  • Strength in verbal learning and memory
  • Strength in attention and executive function (the ability to multitask).

Researchers found that women experiencing a strength profile (strength in either verbal learning and memory or attention and executive function) had fewer depressive symptoms and hot flashes, while those experiencing cognitive weakness reported more sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression. 

Since your hypothalamus controls learning and memory and becomes dysregulated by declining sex hormones, supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold® can help improve brain fog associated with menopause. 

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