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Your Hypothalamus and Your DNA

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Your hypothalamus orchestrates your genetic expression. 

That’s because your hypothalamus is at the center of your pyramid of health. 

All hormonal messengers through the orchestration of the hypothalamus direct your genetic expression.

You have millions of potential genes that can be expressed so you can achieve optimal health. You are not stuck with what you’re born with.

Your DNA is not cast in stone. 

You have much more unexpressed genetics than genes that are expressed – meaning activated to form you, your body tissues, your enzymes, your hormones, your neurotransmitters, your immune cytokines – much more potential than you realize. 

But what if you have “bad” genes – familial heart disease or cancer?
Can you change that genetic expression?
Or are you destined to get the same diseases that your family has suffered from?

You can change your genetic expression.

If your hypothalamus is functioning optimally and directing healthy balanced hormones, your DNA can shift from expressing disease to healing. It’s called epigenetics – the ability for DNA to change its expression throughout a person’s life. 

Your lifestyle choices – what you eat, how active you are, how much sleep you get, what you believe – influences your genetic expression. Your DNA is not cast in stone but is malleable like wet clay according to the choices you make that affect your hypothalamus. 

Since your hypothalamus helps regulate genetic expression, if you desire optimal health, you need to focus healing therapies on your optimizing hypothalamic function. If you want to learn more, please join us in our Hormone Reboot Training

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Excerpt from The Hypothalamus Handbook

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