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What’s the Core Belief Fueling Your Disease?

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still voice of divine wisdom

Finding what may be underlying my patient’s dis-ease at a psycho-spiritual level takes some finesse.

As I get to know a patient, their core issue becomes apparent, and when they are ready to deal with it, we do. Sometimes I am blessed to have a new patient come to me for a consult and they are so ripe (ready to heal) that I can “see” what their core issue is, speak it, and the patient says, “Yes, that makes sense!”  Healing is much faster when we deal with the psycho-spiritual along with the physical.

Dis-ease is your body’s way of talking to you. I’d rather your body whisper than scream what it needs. That’s why I created Genesis Gold®, to help us know more clearly what our bodies need to be optimally well. I call it becoming innate.

As your hypothalamus gets into balance with Genesis Gold®, your sleep deepens, your dreams become more lucid and and your subconscious reveals your truth. I believe healing your hypothalamus is the key to healing the mind-body connection.

Your seven endocrine glands align with the seven power points, called chakras, in your body. The chakras correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow. From red to violet, from root to crown, energy flows.

When these energy centers are blocked, the corresponding hormones become imbalanced.

Here’s my chakra lady to illustrate the seven chakras and endocrine glands.


Root chakra > your gonads

1st root chakra corresponds with your gonads – ovaries or testes.  The color is RED and the energy is about survival. The purpose of your gonads is to procreate, to pass your DNA on to the next generation. You do not have to have children to fulfill your creative energy. Any creative endeavor – art, music, design, gardening, creating your new life –  fulfills this chakra’s purpose. If your creative energies are blocked, you may develop issues in your reproductive organs.

Gus loved the dramatic arts. A teacher by profession, he loved directing plays. When he began to manage his partner’s business, there was little time to pursue his art. Gus came to me with a large inflamed prostate that had not responded to conventional therapy. I offered him alternative remedies, but the biggest breakthrough for Gus was when he understood that his inflamed prostate was his body’s way of communicating with him. Once he started making time to express himself creatively, his prostatitis began to heal.

Naval chakra > your pancreas

Your 2nd naval chakra corresponds with your pancreas. The color is ORANGE and the energy is about pleasure. I call it being open to receive the sweetness of life. The purpose of your pancreas is to get sugar into your cells so you have the energy to create your best life. Think of this chakra as the energetic fuel for survival. Diabetes and insulin resistance are the ultimate blockage to receiving the sweetness of life.

Patricia had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and could not lose weight. She came to me for nutritional counseling and alternative therapies to control her blood sugar and cholesterol. Patricia lived with an alcoholic husband. For years I counseled her regarding how to eat, exercise, and release her codependency with her spouse. I wish I had a vat of transdermal hormones big enough to heal her life. But until Patricia could be open to change, she battled her diseases.

Within a few months of starting Genesis Gold®, a shift happened for Patricia. She began to see the good in her life. Patricia began speaking positively about herself. She began taking better care of herself. She finally realized that she had to put on her oxygen mask first. And when her husband saw the change in her, he became open to help. For the first time, he stuck with a sober living plan. When Patricia was finally open to receive the sweetness in life, she was no longer insulin resistant. Her diabetes resolved itself. But more so, Patricia was happy.

Solar plexus chakra > your adrenals

Your 3rd solar plexus chakra corresponds with your adrenal glands. The color is YELLOW and the energy is about power. Your adrenal glands control your stress response, how you physically and emotionally deal with what’s happening in your life, how you either maintain your personal power or give it away.

Sally suffered with hair loss related to her adrenal function. Her excessive DHEA converted to testosterone and knocked out her hair follicles. And then after years of high stress, her adrenals became so fatigued, she didn’t make enough hormones to grow healthy hair.  Sally gave away her power to the men in her life, from her father to her boyfriends to her husband. While chelation cleared her blocked receptor sites and Genesis Gold® provided the nutrition to heal her hormonal imbalance, Sally’s hair returned to its former glory when she finally stopped giving away her power.*

Heart chakra > your thymus

Your 4th heart chakra corresponds with your thymus.  The color is GREEN and the energy is about compassion for self and others. Are you protecting yourself with a strong immune system? Or are you attacking yourself with an autoimmune condition? Having compassion for yourself is the first step to healing an imbalanced immune system.

Carrie came to me with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis. She hated the side effects of conventional therapy. I worked with her for years helping her make the necessary lifestyle changes and providing the proper micronutrients to heal her condition. Unfortunately, Carrie felt victimized by her life, by her disease. She berated herself for her inability to function as she once had. Over time, she learned that healing began with loving herself. When she was compassionate to herself, she took great care of herself and her Rheumatoid Arthritis would go into remission. When she spoke lovingly about herself, her life, even her disease, she would be pain free and functional.

Throat chakra > your thyroid

Your 5th throat chakra corresponds with your thyroid.  The color is BLUE and the energy is about expressing your truth. Speaking our truth can be difficult. Sometimes we don’t even know what our truth is. When we have difficulty expressing ourselves, we cannot live our most authentic lives. We live our lives for others, feeling unfulfilled, unheard. Sometimes even those closest to you do not know the real you.

Abigail suffered from hyperthyroidism. The medications given to her to reverse her disease knocked her thyroid out, so after years of being rail thin and manic, she now was overweight and depressed. Abigail had lost herself. She hid the love of her life from her family who could not accept her sexual preferences. She worked at a job she hated rather than pursuing her passion in the fine arts. Abigail was afraid to speak her truth. Helping Abigail see how she was not being true to herself was the first step in healing her thyroid disorder. As Genesis Gold® helped her sleep more deeply, she practiced in her dreams speaking her truth. The increased energy and elevated mood she experienced helped Abigail start living a more authentic life and her thyroid disorder began to heal.*

Third eye chakra > your pituitary

Your 6th third eye chakra corresponds with your pituitary gland.  The color is INDIGO and the energy is about having clear insight. Being able to know yourself and why you are going through a particular life event requires an unblocked third eye. It’s easy to see what others’ life lessons are.  It’s more difficult to see our own.

Giovanni had impossibly big feet and hands for his stature. Only five six, he wore a size 13 shoe. I told him he needed to get his pituitary gland checked. Not until he developed excruciating headaches did he finally follow my advice. The MRI showed a large pituitary tumor. Surgery to remove the tumor relieved the headaches but did not fix his unhappy marriage. Giovanni prided himself on advising other men about their relationships, yet did not have the insight to heal his own.

Crown chakra > your pineal

Your 7th crown chakra corresponds with your pineal gland. The color is VIOLET and the energy is about your connection to the divine. In many cultures, one prays with a bowed head, the crown of the head open to receive divine guidance. Dreamtime is often the most open we are to that small still voice of divine wisdom.

Susan suffered from chronic insomnia. Her salivary melatonin levels were nonexistent. She felt disconnected and had very little appreciation for the wonder of life. She was just too tired. In spite of turning off all her lights at night, trying to go to bed at a decent hour, supplements to knock her out and stay asleep, Susan could not sleep. When she finally started taking Genesis Gold®, she slept for the first time in years*, but nightmares disturbed her. It was clear to me that Susan had a lot to work out at the subconscious level so I asked her to keep a dream journal. With some guidance, she began to make sense of her dreams. Once she cleared her subconscious of all the pain she feared to face, Susan became open to meditation. With healthy circadian rhythms, Susan receives guidance through prayerful meditation during the day and sweet dreams at night.

Here is the crib notes version:


Excerpt from Hormones in Harmony® ~ Heal Your Hypothalamus for Optimal Health, Graceful Aging and Joyous Energy

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Research reference: Neural circuit that drives physical responses to emotional stress found, REM sleep–active MCH neurons are involved in forgetting hippocampus-dependent memories<

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