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In my passion for what I want to share with a new patient, I start drawing diagrams to illustrate my points. My patients love them, so much that they take them home, but they are kind of sloppy so I had my artistic daughter draw the following for my use.

Here is the first one: Where East Meets West:

east meets west

There are two philosophies of health care in the world. If you have ever had acupuncture, homeopathy, or bodywork, then you have experienced energy-based medicine. If you have ever had surgery, taken an antibiotic, or had a cavity filled, then you have experienced matter-based medicine.

Of course energy and matter exist together.  Eastern medicine is energy-based. Western medicine is matter-based. In the West, we assume that if we can not touch it, see it, smell it, it does not exist. Yet Einstein proved to us that matter and energy coexist. Matter cannot exist without energy.

If you have ever taken a yoga class, you may have been introduced to chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning little wheels of energy. In Eastern medicine, chakras are power points. There are seven chakras. There are seven endocrine glands in your body. Endocrine glands produce hormones. Endocrine glands line up with chakras.

Hormones are the interface between the energy of the environment and the matter of your body. The glands that produce the hormones are the power points.

Hormone Healing Tip: East Meets West in the Endocrine System!

Hormones affect everything: our nervous system, our immune system, even digestion, and detoxification. These tiny messengers communicate to the DNA within our cells what’s happening in the rest of our body as well as what’s happening outside in our environment.

Seven chakras. Seven endocrine glands.

  • 1st root chakra corresponds with your gonads: ovaries or testes
  • 2nd naval chakra corresponds with your pancreas
  • 3rd solar plexus chakra corresponds with your adrenal glands
  • 4th heart chakra corresponds with your thymus
  • 5th throat chakra corresponds with your thyroid
  • 6th third eye chakra corresponds with your pituitary gland
  • 7th crown chakra corresponds with your pineal gland

From the gonads in the root chakra to the pineal gland in the crown chakra, each gland produces unique hormones that carry energy messages.

Endocrine glands produce hormones. Hormones are messengers. Hormones communicate the energy outside and within your body to the matter of your body – to your cells.

Everything is about communication. If you are running a business and you cannot communicate with your staff, things are going to go wrong.

Same thing in your body. Miscommunication is the basis of dis-ease.

Dis-ease, not disease. Out of balance, out of harmony. Not a permanent state. Dis-ease.

Now when I say hormones, I am not just talking about sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. I’m not just talking about thyroid hormones or adrenal hormones. I’m not just talking about insulin, growth hormone, or melatonin.

I am also talking about the hormonal messengers that run your nervous system called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine are just smaller hormones.

And I am talking about the hormonal messengers that run your immune system called cytokines. You may have heard of interferon or interleukin, these are cytokines, the tiniest of the hormones.

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