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Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Vaginal Atrophy with These Fixes!

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How can you fix Anxiety and vaginal atrophy?

Let’s talk about it.

There is a relationship between anxiety and vaginal atrophy.

Both are due to low hormone levels. Low estrogen can cause vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy means the tissues become very thin and dry. Intercourse becomes painful. You have to urinate frequently and are prone to UTIs and vaginitis.

Vaginal atrophy would make any woman anxious.

Anxiety can be instigated by low levels of hormones too. Estrogen helps induce serotonin production while progesterone helps to induce calming GABA. So beginning in perimenopause, your progesterone levels are plummeting increasing anxiety, and by menopause your estrogen levels have plummeted contributing to even more anxiety. 

So how can you fix vaginal atrophy and anxiety?

Well, truly, making sure that your hormone levels are balanced is key.

For vaginal atrophy, I recommend topical application of vaginal estrogen, particularly estriol which is very effective in improving vaginal health quickly.

For anxiety, be sure your hormones are in balance. You may need to take bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with estradiol and progesterone in order to calm down your anxiety.


I have found in perimenopausal and menopausal women with higher levels of native estrogen, taking Gen-Pro™ transdermal micronized progesterone can help tremendously. Women who have excess body fat entering menopause, or have been estrogen-dominant in their pre-menopausal years, can often be maintained with just progesterone.

I recommend Gen-Pro™ at 50 milligrams twice daily to mitigate anxiety symptoms and help to upregulate estrogen receptors to help increase serotonin production. Progesterone also helps to elevate GABA levels which helps to calm your central nervous system and reduce anxiety very similar to benzodiazepines, except without the addictive effect.

Genesis Gold®

And then of course, supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically with Genesis Gold® helps to balance your hormones naturally, support adrenal production of steroids, and reduce anxiety by increasing neurotransmitters like GABA and serotonin. 

If you have questions, please join us in our Hormone Reboot Training.

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