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Reduce Your Dementia Risk Naturally

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There are over 55 million people worldwide living with dementia – 2/3 are women. Even age-related memory loss can affect your life dramatically. Fortunately, studies show that reducing your dementia risk can be done through lifestyle changes. 

The American Academy of Neurology recently reported that women with better indicators of cardiovascular health at midlife saw reduced risk of later dementia. A significant 6% reduction of dementia risk for each of seven behavioral and biometric measures.

So what do you need to do to reduce your risk of dementia? 

#1. Get healthy sleep.

One study suggests sleep deprivation could increase your dementia risk by 20%. In middle age, even getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night may increase your dementia risk in the future. Try to get at least 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the dark at night. Hypothalamus dysfunction can cause sleep disorders. So consider supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically to get healthy sleep.

#2. Eat a healthy diet.

Research shows that the Mediterranean diet may reduce risk of dementia. A diet rich in vegetables, nuts, whole grains and fish reduced the likelihood of developing dementia by nearly one-quarter, even among people with higher genetic risk. 

#3. Be active.

Studies show that regular exercise can significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia by about 30 percent. For Alzheimer’s disease specifically, the risk was reduced by 45 percent.

#4. Maintain a healthy weight. 

Research has found that dementia risk increases for each 1 unit increase in BMI during your 40s. A BMI over 30 puts you at a higher risk of dementia. 

#5. Quit tobacco.  

Compared to never-smokers, current smokers are more than 30% more likely to develop dementia in general and 40% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. 

#6. Maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

Research shows that high blood pressure in mid-life is a key factor that can increase your risk of developing dementia in later life, particularly vascular dementia. 

#7. Maintain healthy blood cholesterol.

High blood cholesterol can raise the risk of certain types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. A recent study shows that lower levels of bile acids, which are made when the body breaks down cholesterol, are linked to a higher risk of dementia among men.

#8. Keep your blood sugar low.

Studies show that high glucose levels even in people without diabetes increases the risk of dementia. High glucose increases insulin resistance leading to hypothalamic microinflammation and increased microvascular disease of the central nervous system. Your hypothalamus controls glucose metabolism. Supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically can help reduce the risk of insulin resistance and high blood glucose levels.

#9. Optimize hypothalamus function.

Preliminary studies on Alzheimer’s shows that modulating hypothalamic function can not only improve neuroendocrine deficits but may have direct therapeutic effects on cognitive function and memory. Your hypothalamus controls your memory and cognitive function. Genesis Gold and Sacred Seven amino acids can help optimize your hypothalamus function. 

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