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How Prolactin Affects Bones and Cognition

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Did you know that the hypothalamic hormone prolactin affects your bones and your brain?

Let’s talk about it. 

Studies show that there is a relationship between the hypothalamic hormone prolactin, cognition, and bone metabolism.

While prolactin is neuroprotective, improves memory, cognition, learning and modulates your immune system, at high levels, prolactin can decrease bone density.  

Studies show that in postmenopausal women, high levels of prolactin can have deleterious effects on cognitive function. A large study of women not taking hormone therapy showed a significant relationship of prolactin levels with both verbal memory and global cognition. 

Normal circadian production of prolactin has a protective effect on brain function including healing traumatic brain injury, types of strokes and neurodegenerative diseases. 

Prolactin stimulates intestinal calcium absorption, increases bone turnover, and reduces renal calcium excretion. Bone has been established as an endocrine organ regulating energetic metabolism, insulin secretion and cognitive function. Studies show that low bone mineral density is related to cognitive impairment. 

You need a healthy hypothalamus to regulate prolactin production and protect your bones and your brain.

Prolactin is a nocturnal hormone whose main job is to induce immune function. If your prolactin is elevated during the day systemic inflammation occurs. High daytime prolactin can induce a breakdown of bone as well as neurological tissue. As bone becomes weaker, cognition may also become impaired. What helps to increase bone density – hormones, a healthy diet and weight resistance exercise – can help to improve cognition. 

Optimizing hypothalamic prolactin production to healthy circadian rhythm is key to maintaining healthy bone density and cognitive function.

Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold® can help maintain healthy circadian rhythms of prolactin and decrease inflammation.

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