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When Your Gut Makes You Anxious

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Remember, your gut is your second brain. And it influences the brain in your head.

Mitch came to me with severe anxiety. He had been suffering from panic attacks, insomnia, and generalized anxiety for months. His doctors had given him anti-anxiety meds but he wanted off. He wanted his life back.

As a professional artist, Mitch found the treatment to be nearly as debilitating as the panic attacks. Like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, Mitch felt like his brain wasn’t working. The drugs blocked his creative abilities so much so that he couldn’t work, he couldn’t support himself, and that made him more depressed, more anxious.

This wasn’t the first time Mitch had had debilitating panic attacks. I asked him if he had ever been treated with antibiotics. As a matter of fact, he had – both times he had panic attacks. Mitch had been treated for prostatitis with a long heavy course of antibiotics twice. And twice he had severe panic attacks that sent him into the emergency room.

The antibiotics killed off all of Mitch’s gut bacteria. Without his beneficial bacteria, Mitch’s gut began producing some anxiety-inducing hormones. His hypothalamus got wind of the havoc in his gut and triggered Mitch’s brain to go into survival mode. Without a real enemy to fight or flee, Mitch experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks.

So we healed his gut with a regimen designed to eradicate the gangster microbes, repair his leaky gut lining, and replenish his beneficial gut flora. Plus, we healed his hypothalamic imbalance with and got him off the drugs.

Mitch called a couple of months later to thank me. His blood tests had improved so much, his doctor said to continue whatever he was doing. No more drugs – just healthy diet, lifestyle, and Genesis Gold®.

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