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Breastfeeding and the Gut Microbiome

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Breastfeeding and the gut microbiome, what’s the connection? Let’s talk about it. 

Studies show that breastfeeding your infant has major benefits on their development, health, and immunity.

But did you know that breastfeeding helps to establish the gut microbiome?

A healthy gut microbiome helps your infant thrive. A healthy gut microbiome helps to ensure a healthy immune system, optimal nervous system development, healthy hormone metabolism, and healthy digestion. 

It’s so important that you as a mother have a healthy microbiome because it’s your gut microbiome that colonizes your infant. If your gut is out of balance, your baby’s gut will be out of balance. That’s why I like to get my patients’ intestinal microbiome in an optimal balance before they get pregnant. 

Yet even if your gut microbiome is out of balance and you’re already breastfeeding, you can start to get your gut into better balance.

Taking broad-spectrum probiotics can help. Eating fermented foods on a regular basis also helps to increase the commensal balance of the gut microbiome. Commensal microbiota are other bacteria and fungi that help to support your beneficial bacteria and keep the intestinal lining healthy. 

One thing you can do to help to improve your gut microbiome so that your infant has healthy microbiome is support your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold®.

Rich in beneficial bacteria, Genesis Gold® helps to support the hypothalamus-microbiome connection which is the root of the gut-brain connection. It’s not just the brain. It’s the hypothalamus that reads the messages from the microbiota, orchestrates the metabolism, as well as the health of your immune system with the messages coming from the microbiota. 

If you have any questions on the gut microbiome and breastfeeding, please join our Hormone Reboot Training.



Breastmilk Feeding Practices Are Associated with the Co-Occurrence of Bacteria in Mothers’ Milk and the Infant Gut: the CHILD Cohort Study

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